Washed and worn leather shoes you didn't know about

To this day, we still cannot guarantee how many people really understand old-fashioned laundry process.

There are so few references to this craft on Internet that most people can't figure out what we're doing.

Washed and worn leather shoes you didn't know about

Water washing machine

Everyone thinks leather shoes are hard to wear. If you can't wear it outside of work or on some formal occasion, you can't wear it. Therefore, to make everyone fall in love with leather shoes, we spent several years researching and developing washed and worn leather shoes that fit our Asian wearing habits.

What is washing and aging?

Compared to ordinary leather shoes, washed and worn leather shoes are extremely soft and shiny. The leather material can withstand long-term wear and tear, and texture can withstand scrutiny. The comfortable feeling of feet caused by this cannot be replaced by ordinary leather shoes.

1. As for definition:

What worries you? It does not give leather shoes a vintage look. On contrary, its tone is very translucent and advanced, and it is also very delicate and soft to touch.

If you need to explain it in technical terms, it is: to break traditional method of leather shoes, after leather shoes are ready, throw shoes directly into washing machine filled with dyes and pebbles, soak, stir, hit, and dry natural way. Then polish and wax.

Washed and worn leather shoes you didn't know about

2. About loop:

In terms of production time, it takes 15 days longer than ordinary leather shoes. In terms of comfort, it is also softer than ordinary leather shoes, which can effectively avoid running-in period of new shoes and problem of grinding. legs.

Even if it's your first time trying out leather shoes, you don't have to worry too much about being uncomfortable.

Washed and worn leather shoes you didn't know about

Air drying room

3. As for doubts:

Of course, washing leather shoes is also complex and changeable. The strength, degree, and area of ​​each wash will make leather shoes show different textures. So each pair of shoes has different creases due to repeated washing and aging, so you don't have to worry too much when you wear them.

In addition to washing and aging, viplander has its own unique features, in terms of production, it also insists on handmade.

As they say, a pair of exquisite handmade leather shoes symbolizes a unique taste. As big as last shape's continuous adjustment, as small as every tiny stitch in a shoe, it always shows charm of men with unique details.

Washed and worn leather shoes you didn't know about
What is good craftsmanship?

1. Regarding choice of leather materials:

The washing process is not very tolerant of leather materials. If you want to make leather shoes well, you should choose high quality leather materials suitable for washing. After repeated testing and inspection, leather materials such as fetal calfskin, wrinkled buffalo fetal leather, and suede leather have become subject of washing.

Washed and worn leather shoes you didn't know about

Discuss skin with each other

Leather material after washing inherited its advantages. After washing, softness and transparency of leather also improved significantly. The natural coloration and aging of upper is sanded down by craftsmen, giving it a natural look and feel.

Therefore, washed and aged leather shoes can be used in many scenes, and their texture will be more natural and high quality.

2. About Blake's inseam:

To make shoes lighter and stronger, Blake sews them together from inside. The master directly connects upper, midsole and sole with thread.

Strict workmanship and superior detail control make shoes tighter to achieve a lighter, thinner effect. The uniform hand stitching also corrects shape of shoe, and shape that fits to upper makes shoe more comfortable and comfortable to wear, as well as more suitable for your foot shape.

Washed and worn leather shoes you didn't know about


3. About VIPlander:

A pair of good leather shoes can easily create a gentlemanly atmosphere, and good workmanship can make leather shoes more comfortable and durable.

In terms of appearance and craftsmanship, it can be said that viplander has correctly captured needs of public. Leather shoes of different styles and styles are also constantly being developed and updated. men's shoes.