What leather shoes can be worn all year round?

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Shoes correspond to each season. Spring and autumn casual shoes, summer sandals, winter boots.

But for office workers, leather shoes are always inevitable if they want to wear a temperamental look and dress respectfully. It can be seen that it is very important to have a pair of leather shoes suitable for all seasons.

What leather shoes can be worn all year round?

According to inalienable impression of many people, it is always hot and airtight in leather shoes, and it is really difficult to wear them in summer. But today is different from past, as long as you choose right leather shoes, you can also wear comfortable sports shoes and feel cool and breathable sandals.

Beaded slit leather penny loafers

These loafers are suitable for both casual and business wear. The simple design won't look too exaggerated and they are very suitable for daily commute.

Beaded leather is high quality, shiny, durable and breathable. Since inner lining is also made from cowhide, it is also highly breathable and lightweight foam bottom is lightweight. Combining comfort and lightness, this is perfect travel tool.

What leather shoes can be worn all year round?
Black vegetable tanned calf derbies

Gorgeous leather shoes will never go out of style, no matter how long it takes. Not only beautiful and versatile, but also very suitable.

These black vegetable tanned cowhide derby shoes are suitable for business attire. The skin of a cow embryo is very realistic, delicate and breathable.

The outsole uses a combination of leather and rubber, which is not only non-slip and wear-resistant, but also breathable and moisture-wicking, making it easy to meet daily needs and travel without pressure.

What leather shoes can be worn all year round?
Beaded leather oxford shoes with slit hem

Oxfords are leather shoes with strongest sense of formality, and proper version is not suitable for attending important meetings.

The leather material is also a transparent and bright leather with open edges, which is very breathable. The pure natural rubber outsole is very comfortable, even if you wear leather shoes for first time, you can still feel its lightness and comfort. Half texture and half comfort fully expresses aura that leather shoes should have.

What leather shoes can be worn all year round?

Good leather shoes do not choose season. Its durability and practicality will easily meet your daily needs. But if you want to wear in comfort, in addition to taking care of leather material and style, you also need to choose the right size so as not to rub your feet and keep your heels down.