What do different models of NB shoes mean?

New Balance is a sports brand with over 100 years of history. His sneaker models are classified by thousands of features, and classic styles are countless. If you're browsing trendy street photos or running recently, if you're planning to buy a pair of New Balance shoes, then this article is not to be missed.

What do different models of NB shoes mean?

New Balance brand logo

First, read model naming conventions. New Balance shoes usually have a "letter+number+letter" name, such as M992gl, which appears on shoe box label as well as on inside of tongue (as shown below). In center of image is a QR code surrounded by various standard sizes, in upper left corner is width information, and in upper right corner is model number. The label in picture below says they are men's shoes 992, grey, size US 12½, width D.

What do different models of NB shoes mean?

Number of new balance shoes

1. Initial letter rule:

1) Adult version:

M (Male): Male style.

W (women): women's.

RC (Racing Comp): racing shoes.

O (outdoors): outdoor shoes.

W (Walking): Walking shoes.

R (running): running shoes.

T (Trail): Off-road footwear.

X (Cross Training): Sneakers.

CT/C (tennis): tennis shoes

2) Child Models:

K (Child): Children.

Jay: Sneakers.

V: Velcro sneakers.

T: Tennis

X: Sneakers

3) Other:

Custom style: CM or CW means this pair is a custom made men's (women's) shoe.

2. Average Rule:

The middle number is usually 3 or 4 digits long. A group of 1 or 2 digits at beginning and a group of 2 digits at end. The numbers in first group are usually higher and higher. Last two official explanations:

40: Control system

50: Suitable for road or indoor running.

60: Stable system

70: lightweight stabilization system

80: cushioning system

90: For speed runners

00: Professional racing shoes with studded soles

What do different models of NB shoes mean?

New Balance shoe category

You can see that New Balance product line is very extensive. It's hard to give a comprehensive view, and like most nb fans, most of them are fashion models and flagship models, so it's just in accordance with Degree Write it down, mainly to introduce some knowledge of trends and technical parameters, I hope it will be helpful for every purchase.

What do different models of NB shoes mean?

New balance M574gs