Do you know all ten taboos for official men in suits?

You should be aware that costume is an imported product, so there are many unwritten details that require restrictions. Although it is not necessary to follow scriptures when you do, as Romans do, but since you must wear it from time to time over time, everything it is equally necessary to wear it correctly, standardly and decently.

Do you know all ten taboos for official men in suits?

Learn about wearing a suit taboo so you don't make a fool of yourself at formal events:

1. Pants too short

Boys wear suits, and trousers should not be too short. The criterion is that trousers of suit must be long enough to cover leather shoes.

2. Tie too short

Determining whether a tie is right length is very easy. You only need to look at tip of tie to see if it only covers belt buckle. It shouldn't be too short.

3. Sleeves too long

The sleeves of jacket should not be too long, otherwise it will look a little sluggish, it is best to be about 1 cm shorter than sleeve of shirt.

4. Pocket too full

Whether it's a jacket pocket or a shirt pocket, you can't fit too many things. If pockets look bulging, upright temperament of suit will be much weaker.

5. Avoid sports shoes

In everyday life, casual suits can be combined with sneakers, but in formal occasions, suits and dresses cannot be combined with sneakers.

6. Detail color

The so-called detail color mainly refers to color of leather shoes and laces. For formal suits and dresses, these two colors should be combined as soon as they appear.

7. Pocket square

The wearing of a suit and pocket square is standard for a gentleman. But you have to pay attention to way pocket square is folded, and you can't just stuff it into a ball.

8. Shirt buttons

If you are wearing a tie, you must button up all your shirt buttons. If you are not wearing a tie, top button of your shirt should be left open.

9. Shirt hem

No matter how long hem of your shirt is, be sure to tuck it into your suit pants to keep it looking neat.

10. Suit alone

Most suits and dresses are worn in sets. We should never wear a full suit alone, especially a very formal double-breasted suit.