It's very simple, but there is a basic knowledge of skin care that many people don't know.

At present, many people suffer from skin problems due to seasonal changes and fine dust. Sudden troubles can greatly upset you. When they have a problem, most people go to a dermatologist. Or they start buying cosmetics that they say are good. Do we need it? Actually, most of time we don't need it, we just need to take good care of our skin in our daily life.

But skin care doesn't have to cost a lot of money or use expensive cosmetics. Instead, create "honey skin" in a very easy way! That is, "wash your face", even if you do it carefully, if you do not wash well, your efforts will be in vain. Although it is very simple, but more people do not know.

Skin care method to wash, today I want to tell you how to wash your face, let's go see together?

This time, Juan Gogo offers you right skin protection method from a Korean beautician. Welcome to read:

While this is very important, many people forget about it, especially on heavy smog days like last few days! From pens we grab on public transport, snacks we eat with our hands, coughs we cough into our hands, our hands are full of germs. How about stroking waste, fine dust and makeup-covered skin with such hands? Certainly harmful. So washing your hands before washing your face is first thing to do.

After washing your hands, you wash your face. First, apply a generous amount of makeup remover to a cotton pad! Apply to area around eyes for 30 seconds. Rubbing it blindly will not only ruin your eyes, but your makeup won't be removed properly. If time has passed, gently wipe with a cotton pad to remove makeup.

After removing makeup, apply warm water to your face to open pores. Do not use too hot water at this time! Excessive heat can damage skin tissue and barrier. 20~25°C is a suitable temperature for cleaning. neither cold nor hot.

Then wipe your face with cleanser you use. After all, softness is key! You also have to be careful not to rub it for too long. If you have already thoroughly rubbed oily T- and U-zones and ends of face, stop there. Washing too long will not only dry out the skin, but will also put waste back into place after wiping.

Use a clean towel to remove moisture after washing. Rubbing too hard will irritate your face, so lightly press it two or three times to absorb moisture. If your face is dry after cleansing, it is better to shake a little water with your hands than a towel. Also, avoid using towels that have been wiped down elsewhere, and be sure to use clean towels!

It's also good to dry off with a toner instead of a towel, and artists who are famous for their honey skin apply toner right away without removing moisture. Since our skin becomes alkaline after cleansing, using a toner is a good way to bring our skin back to its normal pH level (5.5 pH). #Skin care method#

The last step in skin cleansing is applying moisturizer! Even a few minutes after washing, surface of our skin begins to dry out quickly. In this state, our skin remains hydrated, so use a moisturizer right away to keep it hydrated.


Trash doesn't accumulate at night like it does during day. Instead, skin has formed a proper oil film to protect skin. Therefore, if skin is dry, wash only with warm water. However, for oily skin, a mild foaming cleanser should be used to remove excess oil.

Washing your face too often can upset balance of sebum and moisture and dry out your skin. Dry skin accelerates aging, leading to wrinkles and blackheads.

Artificial exfoliation can damage skin, so choosing the right frequency is important. If you have dry skin, once a week to 2 times, if you have oily skin, 2 times a week is appropriate, if you have sensitive skin, it is better to exfoliate with products with a low level of irritation once a week. Be sure to moisturize your skin with a moisturizer after peeling!

It can be said that Korean and Japanese beauty industry is famous in world, Korean and Japanese beauty methods are especially popular. A simple and effective method is always more natural and convenient than method of piling up a lot of cosmetics and skin care products. I hope these little tips are helpful to you.