The introduction of low-top zk4 changed consistent design of high-top sneakers in basketball shoes for first time.

In 2008-09 season, most important thing for Kobe was championship title.

Bryant once again rose to top thanks to his own efforts and perseverance in basketball beliefs. In this rising day, unconventional sneakers are naturally indispensable.

The arrival of another pair of championship cleats, zk4 low top shoe, has changed consistent design of high top basketball shoes for first time. They use PHYLON material to reduce weight by 30% LUNARLITE FOAM, and use FLYWIRE over a large area to reduce weight of shoe. Lightweight, low-cut design provides ankle flexibility.

This fully satisfies Kobe's requirements for a shoe that is lightweight, has a ground feel, and is a shoe that is flexible. Since then, design of low-top sneakers has often appeared in our field of vision, and also won love of many basketball fans.