What to combine with ordinary loose shirts to show taste

Hello everyone! I'm Sir Zhao, image consultant. Men cannot wear clothes based on their feelings. Follow me! Scientific clothing begins with understanding characteristics of yourself and clothing!

Loose shirts are easy to wear, comfortable and casual. Some boys look masculine, but some boys look lethargic or even scruffy. Which boys are suitable to wear them? ?

What to combine with ordinary loose shirts to show taste

Seeing above model clothes, many people think it is normal, but in fact it is very ordinary, style matching is quite satisfactory, but color matching is very ordinary, lower body is especially heavy when paired. with black, but there is no aesthetic feeling at all , how to combine it so that it is brilliant?

The more common loose shirts are, more difficult it is to match them well, so you need to pay more attention, otherwise it will be difficult to try, so this article will focus on this beige loose shirt shirt.

What to combine with ordinary loose shirts to show taste

This is a set of covers that I have selected according to principle of matching. The general feeling is relaxed, not depressive, and more coordinated. All styles are base models, but changes to colors and patterns have added flair. If you want to know idea of ​​matching, you can read on!

Main content of this article:

1: Which boy would this loose shirt suit?

2: How to conform without falling into stereotypes?

1: What kind of boy would this loose shirt suit?

First of all, you should know that selection of clothes is for right boys. It won't look good on boys who don't like this loose shirt. It's a waste of time!

Secondly, you need to know that not all boys fit loose clothing. Some boys should wear tight-fitting clothes, while others should wear tight-fitting clothes. It depends on style of each person. Details are innate, so it is very important to understand features of clothing and characteristics of a person. We call this characteristic style. At end there are some links to get familiar with style, if you are interested you can take a look.

What to combine with ordinary loose shirts to show taste

People have their own style, and clothes also have style characteristics. Not all loose shirts have same cut, because cut is a characteristic formed by fabric, variant and pattern as a whole.

This shirt is made of cotton, has a loose and casual fit and a simple pattern. In general, it is casual and lavish, and it belongs to natural style, which means that only boys with a natural style will look good in it. Only when he's good can he show masculinity, otherwise boys with a different style will look too big or scruffy.

Of course, don't misunderstand that other boys can't dress lavishly and wildly. Anyone can be generous and unrestrained. People fit one button or two buttons to look good. It's the details are different, and difference between people's styles is difference in details.

The overall phrase should take into account not only style, but also color matching. This beige shirt combines characteristics of warm, soft, dark and light colors, so It will look good with trousers and shoes of same color, below I will give some explanations on combination of some colors. (In particular, what is shade, why do you want to know about shade? You can read some of articles in my color collection)

2: How to combine without falling into cliches?

Coordination plan 1:

What to combine with ordinary loose shirts to show taste

In general, this set is relatively conservative and suitable for relatively reserved boys. Boys with a natural style should be relatively loose in their choice of pants and avoid tight pants. pair it with a shirt for same natural style. If it's a pair of leggings, we'll feel inconsistent, but we just know it and don't know why. Legs aren't fat, so why don't they look good Wool?

What to combine with ordinary loose shirts to show taste

Olive green is a relatively dark color, so overall color matching can be matched with dark tone characteristics, so why should we emphasize dark tones? Since people are also divided into these tones, this kind of selection is suitable for people with dark tones. People with other tones will look old-fashioned. It is very important. If direction of tones does not suit you, all your efforts will be in vain.

What to combine with ordinary loose shirts to show taste

Natural style should avoid stinginess and deliberateness in terms of outfits, so a little attention to choice of shoes still needs to be paid. The shoes have extensive fabrics and rough rubber outsole details. Only boys of natural style can manage them. Green and black. The details of splicing and combining soles have also changed, in general they have become more generous and masculine.

Choose a pair of dark green socks. In combination with same color, they will have layering. The more conventional style, more of these details are needed to match color, which are also important for boys. improve their taste.

What to combine with ordinary loose shirts to show taste

The woven strap, resin dial and thick lugs are all elements of a natural style. The darker color of dial also matches overall dark tone. The idea of ​​choice and combination is to unify style and tone of stand. (Of course, style should also be appropriate for occasion and age)

Coordination plan 2:

What to combine with ordinary loose shirts to show taste

These trousers can also be worn with brown and red casual leather shoes. The skin is matte, heel is relatively rough. The overall style is natural. The color is also solid, which matches line. with deep and warm tones customization features.

The color of socks can be same as color of trousers, or close to color of shoes. The color of watch echoes trousers. The overall change is uniform and it will be more fashionable than first set.

Match Plan 3:

What to combine with ordinary loose shirts to show taste

The same brown-red leather shoes, in addition to olive green trousers, a pair of coffee-colored trousers are also very harmonious. They are paired with a pair of brown watches. Whether it's combination of colors or consistency of styles, they are very consistent.

Coordination plan 4:

What to combine with ordinary loose shirts to show taste

If two pairs of trousers you've paired look conservative, you can also opt for a pair of warm orange trousers. Don't worry if it's too expensive.

I chose a pair of brown leather shoes in same warm tone. The color of heel is similar to color of pants, so there is a sense of rhythm to color.

Coordination Plan 5:

What to combine with ordinary loose shirts to show taste

You can also choose brown to match same color tone so that general tone characteristics are suitable for warm and deep warm boys and they are very tasteful.

Conclusion: The best way to pair this loose beige shirt is to first understand its characteristics (style and color). The highest match value will be reflected in people with unique characteristics, otherwise, no matter how good match is, it will seem old-fashioned or rustic.

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