You cannot wear shoes indiscriminately (2), which shoes suit you?

Yesterday I posted feng shui about shoes, some people thought it was fake, so today I will talk about something practical

In this article, depending on type of foot, we discuss which type of foot is suitable for which shoes

Some people (especially women) wear shoes for sake of beauty, and they were cruel to themselves, but consequences are also very serious. Gay men are encouraged to forward this article to their women who do not have girlfriends. . Don't ask me about it, I don't have a supply. . .

What type of foot do you have?

Most people don't know much about their feet.

Now you can find a place where no one is (not polluting), then take off your shoes and socks and look carefully at light, Which of following types of feet do you belong to?

Of course, there are some more amazing bones, such as longest pinky toe, so I won't list them individually here, because most people belong to above 6 types ( with toes as dominant foot type)

What's point of knowing shape of your foot? ——You can guess. . .

In fact, choice of foot type and shoe type are closely related. The last determines shape of shoe. This is following product:

The difference in 70% of shoe types is in front of shoe (Forepart). The part that affects comfort of fingers is called width of sock (Toe Tread). The higher heel, wider toes will be separated to increase their own balance.

Theoretically, there is no relationship between sock width and sock width. When designing shoes, width of toe should be calculated first, so that width of toe is comfortable, and then shape of toe should be designed. There will be no discomfort when wearing.

But in fact, same pair of shoes will not take into account all types of feet, and there is no international standard for toe width in design of last (the rest of last is determined by national standard). )

In general, Greek feet are more likely to wear narrow shoes (for example, pointed ones); some Egyptian feet may also wear tight shoes; Roman feet, German feet, Celtic feet and square feet usually have wider toes. suitable for wearing pointed shoes.

In addition, many pointy shoes reduce toe width to make foot "look thinner"

Thousands of shoes, thousands of lasts, ten thousand feet, importance of knowing shape of your foot is that when you try on shoes, you consciously look at fit of your shoes and your feet to determine if they fit your foot. shape Why do you wear shoes that don't look good and rub your feet? . . In many cases, reason a shoe doesn't fit is because last is too far away from your feet.

Why do new shoes fit after a week of running in?

This is a front view of foot and shoes. The five squares are toes, and two dotted lines on outside are Italian and English lasts. You may notice that Italian last is tall and narrow. , while British latest is tall and flat.

These two types of shoes can be put on a person's foot without feeling tight. However, it is obvious that Italian shoes look nice (now why are most high-end shoes made in Italy?), but British shoes are very unwieldy.

If leather is soft, thinner shoes will become wider after a while. That's why new shoes don't fit until you wear them for a week. However, while such thin shoes are comfortable after a week of wear, they are no longer as pretty as they were when I first bought them.

Influence of toe width on foot

Of course, not every shoe will fit after a week of wear. Many shoes, especially women's shoes, are made from very stiff materials that are pointed and thin to look good. Prolonged wearing of narrow-toed shoes, especially high-heeled shoes with a pointed toe, can cause hallux valgus, which is a protrusion of second joint of big toe.

Valgus deformity

Normal foot

Many celebrities have such deformed feet:

Isn't it taste of our older generation to tie our feet? For momentary beauty but at cost of not being able to even wear sandals, what a price!

Of course, this is not unsolvable, doctor still has a way out (wearing braces):

Many celebrities also have a problem with wandering toes.

The helpless expression of that wandering little finger! The typical result is the toe width of last is less than own toe width!

There are also cases where Greek feet are too prominent:

Therefore, do not choose open-toed shoes, such as fish mouth shoes, for children's shoes with a Greek foot. It is very unsafe to go outside. . .

Roman, German and Celtic feet usually feel like fish-mouth shoes squeeze your feet because of their wide toes. In afternoon, I felt that they were all going to get out of this world. So if you really want to wear it, you can choose one with a bigger mouth like a fish and three or four toes exposed.

Egyptian feet are a big problem

For example, Molly King's thumb:

Not only is toe box not wide enough, but shape of lower circumference is not suitable for Egyptian foot (such a lower circumference is more suitable for Greek feet).

Faced with thumb running situation, many people think shoes are too small to buy. But in fact, you will find that heel is empty after buying a large one, and toe is still coming out to blow out air.

So this is reason for shape of shoes! It's not about shoe size!

There are also Roman feet, Germanic feet and Celtic feet. The problem is that falls out three or four fingers.

For example, Kate Beckinsale:

So, when choosing sandals you need to pay attention to whether sole matches shape of your foot. If you wear a nice bottom circumference, you may have stray toes, which is actually ugly.

Especially for children with Roman and German square feet look out for wide toe box on sole!

I don't like wide feet. If sole fits, you can choose sandals with crisscross straps to visually narrow feet

In general, when trying on sandals there are two things you should do about toe:

  • The place where toe is closed, each toe feels unaffected and toes will be comfortable.

  • The place where toe is open prevents each toe from dangling, so it looks good in sandals.

  • By way, shoe size is very important, and it's ridiculous to be so generous.