You don't need to buy new shoes to wear during Chinese New Year, you can rely on them

I don't know who said a word—

"To understand if a person is clean, you need to look not at face, but at nails, and then at shoes."

This set of shoe covers has following features:

◎ Polishing cleansing, moisturizing and care;

◎ One-time molding, convenient and fast;

◎ Soft ingredients, won't hurt shoes;

◎ Effective disinfection, fragrant smell;

You no longer have to worry about your white and leather shoes getting dirty and moldy, just leave it as it is, everything is fine!

If you clean and care for leather shoes at home, first of all, you need to prepare a lot of care products: brushes of different types, shoe polish in different colors.

Secondly, you have to go through a series of tedious steps: cleaning, oiling, waxing, polishing, step by step, and there is no time to finish polishing in an hour.

If you want to keep your shoes clean and shiny anytime, anywhere, and save time and effort, it's convenient and fast, just try this Marseiliais Scented Shoe Cream!

Everyone has leather shoes that need to be cleaned and cared for at home. Why choose little Marseille? He must have his own merits!

Compared to domestic shoe care products, "Little Marseille" differs in that shoes do not just shine!

When polished and cared for, it does not let water through and does not mold, prolongs life of shoes, preserves the texture and color of shoes, and also has a slight honey aroma!

Its packaging is like a maasai hat, split packaging, shoe cream at bottom, unscrew top cap, it is a mini sponge shoe brush, smaller it is, better it can take care of corners of shoes. .

The shoe chair is beeswax, which has a transparent mirror surface and is harmless to human body. You can smell a faint scent when you bring it close to your nose.

The operation is also simple: moisten a little shoe polish with a shoe brush and gently press on surface of shoe:

The cleanliness it erases is not greasy like a layer of oil, but a natural reflective and shiny feeling, which is especially suitable for high-quality leather indoor shoes.

This effect is unmatched by traditional hard shoe polish:

In addition to restoring shine to shoes, it also masks scratches, cracks and some minor imperfections.

Everyone has a different opinion about concealer, but reviews of many buyers are very honest, I can give a link:

And this wonderful restoring function is due to fact that this shoe polish uses European small molecule purification technology.

The simple understanding is that nourishing oil molecules can quickly penetrate, regenerate and repair skin fibers, and form a protective film on the surface, just like covering a shoe with an "invisible golden bell".

Besides, its waterproof and mildew proof are also good. When it's raining and muddy, shoes won't be "dirty". If it suddenly starts to rain in south or you just have an interview or something like that. , you don't need to worry about dirt on shoes.

Small topsails aren't just for shoes, they can be used in many places and can wipe through almost all black leather!

Including leather bags, leather clothing, leather shoes, leather sofas, leather car seats and interior, leather luggage and more.

*Note: Do not use embossed, matte, suede or trimmed leather.

Many common leather cleaners can do job of cleaning leather goods, but maintaining them is hardest part.


1. Leather bag

2. Skin

3. Leather sofa

Can be used to clean, nourish and deeply care for all types of black smooth leather!

A small bottle is enough for 200 pairs of shoes, polished once and lasts for 7 days (data obtained from testing a pair of women's high-heeled shoes);

You who love cleanliness and pay attention to details while you have them, every day is a new day.

A good pair of white shoes can cost hundreds of dollars, while expensive ones can cost thousands of dollars. You can't just throw them away if they get dirty. Every time you clean white shoes, they need to be thoroughly cleaned.

But everyone knows that more you rub, toe and sole will become yellow, and upper leather will become stiff and crack when dry.

But dust, stains, scratches and yellowing can be easily removed with this little white shoe cleaner!

It is easy to use, and effect is really amazing. After washing with it, shoes not only do not deteriorate, but also become really white, natural and clean!

Regardless of usual dust, smudges or scratches on upper or uneven and dirty soles, they can go everywhere.

Normal stains of dirt and dust can be removed after a few brushing cycles;

Of course, if there is a lot of dirt on shoes, wipe off any excess dirt or grime from upper, then repeat steps 1-3 until upper is clean.

It only took a few minutes to go from miserable to 'radiant', as if 'rejuvenating';

Of course it's true here, a pair of very old and yellowed boots is irreversible, and there's no way to "rejuvenate overnight" through washing.

The reason it can have such a good cleansing effect is inseparable from its unique ingredients.

The main ingredients in Little White Shoes Cleaner are a water base, surfactants, fragrances, etc., as well as several mild decontaminating ingredients that can break down stubborn dirt and oil molecules.

The soft texture is non-irritating, which can reduce corrosion of rubber of upper and sole, avoid alkaline fading, hardening and aging. Even fragile and easily damaged materials can be used with confidence.

Suitable for cleaning shoes made of various materials and colors. Sneaker mesh, faux leather, faux leather, genuine leather, cotton and canvas shoes can be used. cleaning power.

One bottle of 150ml, calculated at rate of 5ml per use, it can easily wash 30 pairs of shoes;

By using pump head to press design, it can be released immediately after shaking, spraying and rubbing, effectively controlling dosage and avoiding waste.

It can also form a white anti-oxidation protective film on upper while brushing to help preserve upper and slow down its yellowing.

Super high cost allows you to wear new shoes every day, blooming with confidence every day!

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