Such shoes will not hurt to choose

1. Leave room for your toes. When trying on shoes, leave 1-1.5 cm of free space at toes so as not to hurt foot. If shoes are too small, air cannot get inside shoes, which can also lead to cold feet.

2. Find out more than just shoe size. Shoes from different manufacturers and designs will have different shoe sizes. When trying on shoes, if you often wear size 37, you should try on both size 36 and size 38. In addition, during day and evening, feet will be larger than in morning, so do not buy shoes in morning.

3. Walk more while trying on shoes. There are different shoe sizes for standing and sitting. Don't just sit down and feel your shoe size, it's better to take a few more steps in store.

4. It is easiest to wear your favorite women's shoes and high heels. When choosing such shoes, one should choose that heel arch is slanted when viewed from side, and not perpendicular to ground; when viewed from above, contact between top and Achilles tendon was shaped like a "V" instead of a circle. These shoes do not rub heel.

5. When choosing sports shoes, remove insole first. Try it on and see if it's comfortable to step right into curve of sole.

Ke Jia (from "China Women's Daily")

Source: Evening News