How to choose the size of children's shoes? After reading it, you will understand

It is not correct to look only at shoe size when buying shoes for your child because different brands have different shoe sizes. When buying shoes, you should first measure your child's foot length correctly, and then choose right shoes according to your foot length. Children's shoes should be bought in a slightly larger size, usually inner length of shoe is about one centimeter longer than baby's foot, and back of shoe can be stuffed into mom's little finger.

How to choose the size of children's shoes? After reading it, you will understand

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How to choose size of children's shoes?

Because when walking, baby is in process of lengthening foot, so you need to leave a margin. If shoes are chosen correctly, when walking, toes will always rest against toes, toes are prone to injury, and arches of foot will be compressed. Therefore, child's shoes should be slightly larger. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate for inner length of shoe to be 8-10 mm longer than foot, which is about width of mother's little finger.

How do parents determine if shoe size is right? You can try following two methods.

1.Remove insole and let child stand up and step on insole.Another finger width in front of insole is suitable.

2. The kid puts on shoes, socks rest against socks, and you can stick a finger into heel.

Make sure heel of shoe matches child's heel and that foot cannot swing from side to side inside shoe. If size of two feet of baby is different, then when trying on shoes, larger one should prevail.

Because every child's foot shape is different. When buying shoes, in addition to accurately measuring size of a small foot, you must also consider shape of foot / shoe. Children with thick feet should try to choose wide/thick shoes.

After child has put on new shoes, you can let him walk for 5-10 minutes, tiptoe and squat and ask him how he feels when he wears them. If this is a small child, you can take off your shoes and see if there are any signs of pressure on legs.

Buy your baby some shoes. If it is too large, it will become unstable and fall off. If too small, it will compress foot, which is not conducive to growth. Parents should pay attention to purchase of suitable shoes for their kids.