How to choose a "groom's suit" for wedding season 2021 (dry exchange)

How to choose a "groom's suit" for wedding season in May

Recently, many friends who got married in May and June have been asking about tailor-made suits and are dizzy when they first encounter tailor-made suits. If you don't dress well, you can easily become a city worker. So, today I will share with you color, style, accessories and so on. How to choose a groom's suit.

How to choose a "groom's suit" for wedding season 2021 (dry exchange)
How to choose a "groom's suit" for wedding season 2021 (dry exchange)
How to choose a "groom's suit" for wedding season 2021 (dry exchange)

What color can't go wrong?

A wedding event should be lush and solemn, so first of all choose navy blue, black and gray colors. In summer, choose dark blue or gray, black will be too heavy; if you are overweight you can choose stripes and if you are thin you can choose plaid, both of which can change your figure. And these colors can also be worn in future work and life

For darker skin tones, medium gray tones and navy blue tones look great with white shirts, although light blue shirts will also work.

A groom with fair or fair complexion can wear whatever he wants. If style matches well, everyone is Peng Yuan. But also pay attention to color of bride's clothes and theme of wedding.

Pairing suits, shirts and ties also calls for layering, but it shouldn't be too flashy, just order same color.

Which style is better to choose?

The full groom should choose a suit with a large V-neck, front and back should be slightly tucked up, and a loose waist on side will make him visually thinner.

A pinstriped suit with clean lines can also look thinner, but a double-breasted suit is not recommended.

Walking groom-"hanger"

British fitted suit is best choice

Worsted wool, twill, medium-thick flannel, fine tweed wool are suitable for thin grooms.

I'm tall and skinny, and I don't want to dress like a six-foot fiancé

The top with side slits looks like a girl wearing a cheongsam with a high slit that increases height properly~

You can also choose a suit with straight stripes, and high collar design with 3 and 4 buttons will also help you look taller.

A tall and strong groom

Be sure to avoid tops with large shoulder pads or exaggerated shoulder lines or you'll look as big as Hulk.

Loose trousers, corduroy trousers, striped or plaid trousers can complete your look.

What accessories fit it?

Tie: A tie can be same color as a suit or shirt, a bitmap will look docile, and a solid color won't go wrong.

Boutonniere: You can choose according to color of bride's suit and attire, which is more elegant to decorate.

Scarf: If pleat looks ugly, it must be folded neatly, can be twisted slightly, but cannot be tucked into a pocket at will.

Cufflinks: Cufflinks are only needed for French shirts. You must choose correct ones. Ordinary shirts don't have to be so frilly.

Shoes. To go with suits, classic patent leather shoes are unlikely to work, and colors need to match well.

Socks: choose long ones over short ones, and color can be similar to bride's shoes, reflecting meaning of socks.

Some friends hesitate to make a costume-two or three-piece suit and offer a three-piece suit (jacket, vest, trousers). Especially in selection of bride, there will be a series of games to fool groom. The body has a wide range of motion, wearing a vest is comfortable for training, and it can also be distinguished from best man.

After reading haberdashery items above, everyone should understand how to choose, right? Here are two custom made suits for everyone.

Tailor-made suits

Located in center of Chengdu's world landmark, an internet celebrity, this specialty store can be said to be a popular choice for Chengdu's non-standard products.

The accumulation of rumors should be more professional, it is complex. Xiushen's customization is industry benchmark in Chengdu Nanmen's customization store, whether it's comprehensive cost-effectiveness, clothing manufacturing technology, or overall designer matching level! And this store is still a chain brand, there is also a specialty store in Mianyang, customers in Mianyang can enjoy high-quality handmade custom-made suits without leaving Chengdu. How to choose a "groom's suit" for wedding season 2021 (dry exchange)
How to choose a "groom's suit" for wedding season 2021 (dry exchange)
RESIR Extended male tuning

This store is also located in Tianfu 3rd Street, Nanmen, Chengdu, but I heard that store is now being upgraded and adjusted, and is preparing for a full store upgrade. So it's mostly end-to-end personalization at moment. A brand new store will open in Yingtai City, and specific location will be announced on official website at that time.

How to choose a "groom's suit" for wedding season 2021 (dry exchange)

RESIR is a high-end lifestyle brand whose main product is fully tailored (tailor-made) suits, creating a comprehensive and sophisticated lifestyle for customers. Unlike other high-end brands, RESIR insists on high quality and high quality products to provide customers with most comfortable and comfortable clothing.

Because custom-made clothing typically involves relatively high manual production costs, many companies do not have strict quality requirements in order to save money. RESIR is willing to use its professionalism to convey a more relaxed and enjoyable experience, so every time someone comes to store to customize a suit, it is not a superficial transactional relationship, but two parties are more like a meeting of like-minded friends. .

Professional design

Design and tailoring require not only dexterity, but also ingenuity, understanding trends of times, understanding mindsets of different people, understanding that clothes are not just clothes, but a kind of culture.

RESIR encounters clients with different personalities and temperaments every day. For "beauty" these days, people have more and more unique ideas, but it is not easy to judge how to integrate them into their own style, and custom designers use them "beauty" "Beauty" is more appropriately integrated, and overall beauty is more individual is by no means exaggerated. RESIR believes in it. Satisfying needs of customers, add design ideas, after tailoring it will be a new experience, only you have exclusive.

These two stores in Nanmen must be a popular choice for Nanmen residents in Chengdu. Residents of Nanmen no longer need to crowd into urban areas on weekends. These two stores are enough to cover all customization needs and we hope to help everyone!

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