How do men wear dark green to look trendy?

Hello everyone! I'm Sir Zhao, image consultant. Men cannot wear clothes based on their feelings. Follow me! Scientific clothing begins with understanding characteristics of yourself and clothing!

Green is a color that is relatively easy to match among all colors, but since green family is very large (malachite, light green, gray green, dark green, yellow green, olive green, etc.) , each green must be well matched, and details are important, adjust accordingly, otherwise it will be difficult to taste.

Today I will talk about dark green phrases. Men's dark green phrases are rarely incorrect, but often difficult to distinguish. This is key to increasing gap between garments.

How do men wear dark green to look trendy?

The choice of color for an item of clothing depends not only on color itself, but must also take into account style and occasion of garment. For example, this dark green off-the-shoulder POLO shirt is suitable for everyday occasions. It is easier to match colors to create vitality and relaxation, but it is difficult to match a sense of dignity and stability.

When it comes to a dark green but more refined and elegant POLO shirt, idea of ​​the phrase should be adjusted accordingly, so phrase has a scientific method. The most basic thing is to understand color characteristics of phrase, and only then you can really control it, let's start with understanding dark green!

Main content of this article:

1. Explore characteristics of dark green

2: 6 sets of brilliant phrases in dark green

1: Understanding characteristics of dark green

The concept that needs to be clarified before understanding dark green is hue (you should be able to understand it in a minute, it's very valuable for comparison)

How do men wear dark green to look trendy?

For example: The Morandi color system above looks old, like a layer of gray, with a retro feel! Looking at each color individually, it has a soft and elegant characteristic, and using tone to describe its characteristic is soft tones.

Because each color in above Morandi color system has soft tone characteristics, color tone is unified, so any two colors in Morandi color system are very comfortable and very advanced in combination with each other.

How do men wear dark green to look trendy?

A dark green POLO shirt with Morandi's light grey/green color system looks too depressing and inconsistent because dark green doesn't have characteristics of a soft tone.

Key point: main principle of color selection is unity of tone.

In other words, there is no color in this world that cannot be matched if underlying colors are same!

There are 6 main shades of shade, which are divided into 12 characteristics:

Deep tone direction: deep warm tone, deep cool tone

Light tone direction: light warm tone, light cold tone

Pure tone direction: pure warm tone, pure cool tone

Soft tone direction: soft warm tone, soft cool tone

Warm tone direction: warm bright tone, warm soft tone

Cold tone direction: cool bright tone, cold soft tone

I understand importance of hue, what color is this dark green?

Dark green is darker, referring to a dark tone (dark warm tone, deep cold tone). According to principle of unity of tone, it will only look good when paired with a color with same dark tone characteristics. .

2: 6 sets in dark green.

Dark green with white

Unifying hue is key to providing a flavorful overall color match. Characteristics of dark tones should emphasize strong and strong taste. At end of this article, there is a link to color matching of white) You can also choose a yellowish off-white (deep warm tone), choose different shades of white, matching direction must be fine-tuned, and matching details of shoes, watches and bags must be selected according to c Choose from different colors.

How do men wear dark green to look trendy?

As an example, I took a pure white with a deep cool undertone and chose a pair of pure black, white and sports green, overall look is clean and refreshing.

A green watch and a new green chest bag add layering to green.

Dark green with black

How do men wear dark green to look trendy?

Black is a typical dark tone. Paired with a pair of sneakers, chest bag and watch are chosen from black and orange for a more energetic look. This avoids dullness of black and green, and tone is more suitable for deep and warm tones.

Men with dark and warm colors will show temperament and taste, while men with other characteristics will look somewhat old-fashioned. (There is a link to an article about color of people)

Dark green with gray

How do men wear dark green to look trendy?

No problem with dark greens and different shades of gray. I chose a pair of sneakers that contrasted in color. Of course, one grey, green or yellow will do. To be very energetic, I chose color of bag and watch to match color of shoes. Yellow to match.

Dark green with brown

How do men wear dark green to look trendy?

The combination of brown emphasizes characteristics of deep and warm tones, so color of watch should be avoided in silver, (it will look cheap) it is best to use rich rose gold, and white shoes are best not to choose with brown trousers, it looks very ordinary, you can choose brown, beige, dark green to match.

Dark green with blue

How do men wear dark green to look trendy?

Green and blue go well together, but when paired with dark green, a darker blue is best.

How do men wear dark green to look trendy?

This is also blue jeans, lighter color, less texture it has paired with a dark green POLO shirt, and deeper, more harmonious, this is value of uniform tones, and any combination of colors begins with understanding tone.

Dark green with red

How do men wear dark green to look trendy?

When it comes to greens and reds, many people initially react that they are tasteless. In fact, if color is uniform, it can be combined. Dark green and dark red not only emphasize strong color characteristics, but also seem strong and individual. Taste, this will look very upscale for outgoing men with dark tones.

Output. At heart of combination of dark green is unity of dark tones, and only people with dark tones can wear it with a sense of luxury.

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