How men choose hairstyle that suits them

When we want to know what hairstyle suits us, we can start with shape of face, what is hairdresser usually talking about, what kind of face shape do you want, how to change it, etc., goal is to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses.

Does it work? It works, but very little.

Because for boys, if your face shape is not too long, not too wide, and your cheekbones are too high, there's not much point in maximizing your strengths and avoiding your weaknesses, and key to what hairstyle suits you happens from your "temperament". I call it personal style, it's 95% and face shape is only 5%.

The same face shape in real life, but same hairstyle affects heads of two people differently. The reason is that personal styles differ, so it is very important to understand personal styles.

Let me answer question about relationship between personal style and hairstyle in three parts:

1. Why do you need to understand personal style?

2. What is personal style?

3: Classifying different hairstyles by personal style

1: Understanding personal style

Take Hu Ge's star as an example:

How men choose hairstyle that suits them

Hu Ge has a good face and five senses. It is said that he does not choose a hairstyle, but above three hairstyles give Hu Ge a completely different temperament. The one on far right is suitable for Hu Ge, but two hairstyles on left are defective. Why? It's a personal style that works behind scenes.

Hu Ge's own style is typical of classical drama, which requires grandeur and elegance, but also requires carefulness. (There is an introduction to article on personal style at back.)

How men choose hairstyle that suits them

The hair style on far left is a bit artistic on its own and seems quite good, but compared to best condition it is a bit sloppy and sloppy and doesn't seem energetic.

How men choose hairstyle that suits them

Cuntou looks sunny (people have always assumed that all men's hairstyles are suitable), but overall length is too short, and tail of hair is curly, which is weaker than hairstyle below.

How men choose hairstyle that suits them

An impressive nape, a neat outline, a medium length in place.These details are characteristics of Hu Ge's personal style, which is inherent in him. So knowing your personal style means knowing your best hair style, and of course you will also know your best dress style

2: What is a personal style? How men choose hairstyle that suits them

As an example, I'll take casual plaid shirts that boys often wear. Some people are fine with thin little plaid shirts. In large plaid shirts, they will look prim and old-fashioned. I feel it too sometimes.

As another example, some boys need to wear loose clothes to look good, some need to wear tight clothes to be energetic, some need to wear solid colors to look good, too many patterns will look rustic, some are fine clothes. fabrics and rough linen are good. Not very good, difference between these details is on you - style of work.

The right details are essential, that's what I mean about personal style. This is key to choosing right style. Of course, it's more. This is key to choosing right hairstyle for you. .

3: Classifying different hairstyles by individual style

Boys' styles are divided into five categories: dramatic, natural, classic, romantic and trendy. Some people may combine these two styles. Let's first understand characteristics of one style.


People with a dramatic style look taller (for example: a real height of 168 looks like 173), suitable for slightly longer hairstyles, such as a big back, celebrities such as Li Yong, Chow Yun-fat, Song Honglei, Hu Ge and etc. .

The overall dramatic style gives impression of grandiosity, grandiosity and publicity, requires sharp contrast and cannot be stingy or too simple.

How men choose hairstyle that suits them


Natural style people have characteristics of short stature (originally 175, looks 172), mostly good at sports, this style is most "masculine" style among men, it looks better with looser clothes, more tight The style is very mean. and this is a style that a large plaid shirt would look good in. Among stars are Hu Jun, Duan Yihong, Liu Xiang, Su Bingtian and others

Natural style hairstyles are suitable for short, long and casual hairstyles.

How men choose hairstyle that suits them

Classic type:

The classic style is sober, stable, conservative, refined and requires exquisite details. It should not be too casual or exaggerated. Celebrities include: Ma Huateng, Li Kaifu, Chen Daoming, etc.

The hairstyle should not be too short or too long, and details should be carefully worked out.

How men choose hairstyle that suits them

There is nothing to say about Andy Lau's appearance and temperament, but short haircut on left looks rough and hides his temperament. The hairstyle in middle is fuzzy and a little messy. Qi, these details are classic style requirements.

How men choose hairstyle that suits them

This neat three-quarter length is perfect for classic styles.


Romantic style looks good in a floral shirt, not a tight or patterned version, overall gorgeous, emotional, good for long hairstyles, curly hair, not good for straight hairstyles like inch boards. Among stars of romantic style: Hu Bing, Huang Xuan, Xue Zhiqian and others.

How men choose hairstyle that suits them

The romance of Li Jiaqi is not suitable for body size, but requires softer and more beautiful, long curly hair with more temperament.

How men choose hairstyle that suits them
How men choose hairstyle that suits them

Wang Yuan, Xue Zhiqian, etc. are very suitable for long curly hair


Fashion type needs some modification, smart, not hard, stars include: He Jiong, Nicholas Tse, Ou Di, etc., suitable for flat head, bald head, braids, highlights

How men choose hairstyle that suits them

Compared to two modified hairstyles on right, ordinary short hair is completely different in temperament. The changes brought about by these differences in detail shake earth. Of course, mods can have such hairstyles too.

How men choose hairstyle that suits them
How men choose hairstyle that suits them
How men choose hairstyle that suits them

Acquaintance with classification of boys' hairstyles is just beginning. I think you will understand personal styles better when combined with following articles.

Conclusion: The right hairstyle for a boy is determined by his personal style. Understanding personal style can not only solve problem of hair, but also solve problem of dressing and matching.

I've seen it all here, if answer is helpful to you, I need your thumbs up! I'm Sir Zhao, image consultant. Men cannot wear clothes based on their feelings. Follow me! Scientific clothing begins with understanding characteristics of yourself and clothing!

The following is an introduction to a man's personal style:

Which style suits men is innate, knowing details will make you not go wrong again