What types of men's leather shoes are there?

As they say, a man depends on his clothes, and a horse depends on a saddle. A pair of stylish and sleek leather boots can take masculine charm to extreme. From its birth to present, men's leather shoes have undergone changes in consumer demand and environment. Men's leather shoes have expanded from regular formal leather shoes into several styles. This article will introduce all types of men's leather shoes. leather shoe brands that sell well in related styles, I hope this can serve as a guide for everyone when buying leather shoes in future.

First, this is a formal leather shoe suitable for business formal occasions:

What types of men's leather shoes are there?

Oxfords. Classic formal leather shoes from late 17th century. They are said to have originated from popular shoes for boys at Oxford University. The top of last and both sides of body of oxfords have a carved wing design. There are more than three holes in upper part, and they are fixed with laces. The overall shape is discreet and elegant, highlighting British classic atmosphere.

Truffaut bright leather oxfords What types of men's leather shoes are there?

Very classic oxford design. Everything else, with exception of sole, is made of cowhide. The skin is shiny and soft, with a first-class luster. In general, version is made in a retro style with texture. start.

Derby shoes: Compared to oxford shoes, tongue of derby is not closed with laces, tongue is open, and tongue and upper are made from a piece of leather. Derby shoes are highly flexible, such as an open collar that can be adapted to most foot shapes. Secondly, it can be used on less formal occasions such as business holidays and travel.

VOLO derby dress with rhino What types of men's leather shoes are there?

A $600+ men's leather footwear brand including business, formal and casual athletic shoes. The recommended Derby shoes are made from cowhide top layer. The skin is soft and comfortable. , comfortable to wear, and style is classic and versatile. It is suitable for many formal business occasions and should be started by office workers

Monky. They were originally worn by monks, which is why they are also called monks. Monks don't have laces. The top of tongue has a wide horizontal strap and a turret buckle. As a rule, there are styles with single and double tower buckles. They can be worn with jeans or formal wear every day.

ThomWills monk shoes made of handmade genuine leather What types of men's leather shoes are there?

This pair of Monk shoes from a premium leather shoe brand is made from solid cowhide and secured with internal seams. The quality and ingenuity are evident. The overall style is retro and fashionable, which suits needs of business men. . The price of a recent event is less than 1000, you may consider launching.

Speaking of which, I must mention Bullock. Bullock is not a type of shoe, but a semi-formal vamp-style wood carving style. There are four styles of bullock carving, namely full bullock and half bullock. Brock, Quarter Brock and Longwinged Brock. As a rule, oxfords and derby shoes can be decorated with carved brogues.

ECCO love step brogue shoes What types of men's leather shoes are there?

The upper is made from ECCO's own cowhide combined with cushioning technology that greatly enhances comfort of this pair of derby shoes. Carved British-style brogues accentuate gentleman's charm.

Casual leather shoes for everyday leisure and a small part can also be used for business events:

Moccasins: Mostly flat or low-top leather shoes without laces. In spring and summer season, unlined design makes it cool to wear, and lace-free design is also easy to put on and take off. Serious oxfords or derby shoes are recommended for wearing.

Goldlion casual loafers What types of men's leather shoes are there?

Goldlion is a high quality leather shoe brand that has been operating in China for many years. The final shape of these loafers matches shape of Asian foot. The top layer is made of cowhide. It is comfortable, breathable and suitable for driving.

Moccasins: Moccasins are forerunner of loafers. This is a style of shoe in which upper and sole are hand-sewn. The flat top is comfortable to wear, the top is gorgeous embellished with embroidery or perms, which is more fashionable than loafers and more suitable for fashion wear.

UGG casual loafers What types of men's leather shoes are there?

Moccasins with a relatively good price/quality ratio. The inner heel and upper of shoe are made of silky wool. The top of foot is very comfortable. Not afraid of cold in autumn and winter. .

Chelsea boots. Boots that originated from equestrianism during Victorian era in England. They had a rock tone and were once popularized by legendary band The Beatles.

Saatchi Chelsea boots What types of men's leather shoes are there?

Classic design, black style looks fashionable and elegant, high top and down inside keep warm from cold, suitable for autumn and winter wear. The price of Shachi is acceptable among mid-range and high-end brands, quality is also normal.

Regardless of style or brand, we must choose right leather shoes for different occasions. I hope that my story will help you choose leather shoes you want.