Fishnet socks are back and this is right way to open them

In today's growing fashion trend, various classic elements such as retro stripes, plaid, fresh prints, polka dots, etc. are endlessly appearing, which can always easily be loved by everyone who is different from those who love noble treatment. , openwork element is not popular with public, people often consider it too kitschy and ignore its sexy and fresh side.

Fishnet socks are back and this is right way to open them

Today, I'm going to justify name fishnet so that anyone can change misconception about fishnet. Compared to these classic and elegant elements, a lace net will not look inferior in slightest. This is a real side fishnet that can be both sexy and fresh. , nothing to say, then we will officially enter topic, let everyone re-understand this sexy and mysterious fishnet.

Web and fashion Fishnet socks are back and this is right way to open them

In fact, birth of fishing nets took place in a relatively taboo era. Around 1920s, fashionable women's culture and a booming economy made women more non-conservative. Women's stockings began to be replaced with suspenders or translucent models until fishnet stockings were introduced in 1990s, but curvy stockings defied social norms, meaning they were only worn by burlesque dancers and pin-up girls.

Fishnet socks are back and this is right way to open them

This state lasted until 1960s. With development of fashion, miniskirts and ever-changing sexuality have become popular. The discreet openwork mesh with small holes became a modern mainstream element at that time. The punk culture emerged in 1970s. The most rebellious young people wear fishnet stockings as a symbol of rebellious spirit.

Fishnet socks are back and this is right way to open them

Until 1980, punk styles were everywhere, and fishing nets weren't limited to pipe socks. The mesh could include all sorts of tops, coats and skirts, and Hollywood actresses also wore elements in mesh. Since then, fishing nets have almost always appeared in major brand shows, whether it's pop culture or fashion street photography, you can see fishing nets.

How to choose a fishing net

By understanding relationship between fishing nets and fashion, we can be sure that since fishing nets can become a fashion trend, they must have their merits, and reason why everyone considers fishing nets too kitschy is nothing more than inappropriate clothes. Before we wear it, we need to understand choice of fishing nets. Only when choice is good, we can choose them correctly.

Direction 1. Select grid size

Fishnet socks are back and this is right way to open them

Speaking of fishing nets and history, we know that size of holes in fishing net is different, so we need to choose from size of holes and feel of volume of fishing net. The large mesh looks chic and beautiful, and sparse distribution makes color weaker Some, sense of presence is not very strong, so people with a great sense of style can better control it, and it is difficult for petite girls to dress out of style. The style of clothing and figure do not match with a large mesh, it will look rustic.

Fishnet socks are back and this is right way to open them

Compared with sparse coarse mesh, tight fine mesh is more charming and sexy, and looks more sophisticated, and visual expansion will also be weakened, but this does not mean that girls with a slightly fat body can choose recklessly, compared to fine mesh with little sense of volume, coarse mesh is more suitable for girls with a slightly fat body, and fine mesh has a higher fitting requirement. If you are not very strong in driving ability, it is recommended to use it as a primer. choose color and style.

Direction 2. Start with color

Fishnet socks are back and this is right way to open them

Black openwork mesh is classic and modern. It is most versatile color and also hardest to control. However, if it is combined with main color, it will not go wrong. Denim is very suitable. In addition, white mesh looks much fresher, while plain white is more suitable for pure and elegant dresses, especially skirts can show strong femininity.

Other colors, such as red mesh, look spectacular and luxurious, and girls with good skin tone can wear them more stylishly. Nude mesh color looks much more restrained, and color contrast is not very noticeable. If you are an introvert you might try this. Let's choose a less showy nude color.

How to wear fishing nets to look trendy Fishnet socks are back and this is right way to open them

In addition to choosing right fishnet that suits your wearing style, you also need to work hard on matching. Only with right selection can you ensure that openwork element wears a high-quality texture. So I use full body look, belted look, and mesh accessories respectively. Let's talk about wearing fishnets in three points, so next let's look at matching fishnets.

Tip 1. Whole body appearance

Being an element with a strong perspective effect, fishnet nets are difficult to wear directly on body, like regular dresses and overalls. Therefore, openwork nets are usually combined with other materials that are more like outer coverings. This will reduce beauty of fishnet dress, and it will also allow people to have better control over it.

Mesh dress

Fishnet socks are back and this is right way to open them

Greater mesh dresses will make overall look elegant and flexible, but we are not as open as Europeans and Americans, so when choosing mesh dresses, we usually have linings, so there is no need to consider problem When it ends, classic Black - White mesh skirts can be sexy or elegant, and you can easily wear them with high heels casually. Nude mesh skirts are also a good choice, and discreet colors are smart and elegant.

Fishnet socks are back and this is right way to open them

If you don't want to wear mesh dress on its own, it can also be paired with other pieces such as suspender skirts, long t-shirts, pants, etc., but you should pay attention to this. to color and style when choosing innerwear If color is too bright, it will close attention of fishing net If style is too complicated, overall look will be bulky It is best to follow principle of matching same color Adding sequins, tassels and other elements will not make overall shape too simple.

Tip 2. Fishnet bust

Compared to unmanaged full-length view, half-body mesh view is much simpler and there are many more options for individual products, so I will introduce half-body mesh view from upper body and lower body. separately. Look down quickly.

Option 1: mesh shirt

Fishnet socks are back and this is right way to open them

Using translucent fishnets as a base for upper body is least error prone. No matter what color, large or small holes, it is better to use them as an inner layer for putting on T-shirts, shirts and vests. The slightly protruding mesh edge also adds a stylish element to overall shape, and is also most simple and fashionable combination. Or a layered skirt with suspenders is also good, choose color of fishnet mesh according to your preference, it will not be too flaunted, but also make overall shape more layered.

Option Two: Mesh Skirt

Fishnet socks are back and this is right way to open them

In addition to making a fuss around upper body, we can also opt for mesh skirts, and they are completely unlimited by skin color and figure. Soft mesh skirts can quite hide imperfections of a fat body, whether it is a short skirt or long skirt You can enjoy cool summer with camisole, and elegant material will never look vulgar. On contrary, it has a small and fresh feel, but when choosing top, try to be simple and five-fifth figure will also draw attention to mesh skirts. Girls who are very do not like to wear skirts, can also choose wide mesh pants, which are fashionable and individual.

Tip 3: Mesh accessories look

Besides above two outfits, the choice of mesh accessories is also a careful operation, and you will not accidentally bump into others, and you can also create local trends such as ordinary fishnet socks, fishnet bags and fishnet hats. Wait, these are all good choices, then let's see how these little mesh accessories create a trendy and high-end look.

Option 1: fishnet stockings

Fishnet socks are back and this is right way to open them

The most common fishnet accessories are fishnet socks, and their selection is also very simple. Fishnet stockings are fashionable and individual with ripped jeans, but trousers with large holes are not recommended. we want it to be a hidden feeling, beautiful and a little sexy; Mesh short socks are also a good choice, but more suitable for girls with better calf lines, paired with sneakers, Muller shoes and canvas shoes are very suitable, and simple accessories can create a fashionable style.

Variant 2: woven fishing net bag

Fishnet socks are back and this is right way to open them

In addition to fishnet socks, fishnet woven bags, popular this year, are irreplaceable. Carrying them in your hand will definitely add points to your look, and unique semi-perspective feel of fishnet woven bags will be more popular during hot season. Summer. No matter what style of clothes you wear, fishnet bags will not be at a disadvantage. Retro style fishnet bag will definitely make you a fashionable person in eyes of others, but a transparent mesh bag can easily reveal your privacy. If you want to hide your little thoughts, you can choose combination of fishnet and bucket bag. Of course, combination of fishnet and canvas is also good. Wearing a bag like this and walking down street will definitely turn heads.

Okay, above is all my understanding of fishnets. After reading about fashion for fishnets and wearing fishnet things, do you still think it's vulgar? Such a sexy and mysterious fishnet is definitely worth having. Of course, if you have more and more suggestions for fishing net items out there, you can share them in message area.