A woman with taste rarely wears a coat with leggings, it's too mundane! Look at Miki's mother and you will know

It's coat season again and there are only a few coat styles to choose from. At this time, to make coat more individual, you need to choose original inner clothes that will awaken your fashion sense. If you are a woman of taste, you definitely won't wear leggings under your coat because it's too down to earth, just look at Mickey's mom and you'll understand!

Miki and Miki's mother can be said to be at forefront of fashion trends. Having a mother who can wear clothes since childhood makes Miki a very well dressed person. Therefore, if a woman wants to live a delicate life, she should learn from Mika's mother. Even in her 50s, she gives people a sense of extraordinary temperament. This winter, Mika's mother wears a different coat. Let's see together!

Glance1, cigarette pants

Mickey's mom usually wears a cigarette trouser-style coat. This type of trousers looks like an old-fashioned smoking pipe. It has a more advanced design with a wide top and bottom. Secondly, shape of pants is designed to fit line of legs, so whether they are a fat girl or a skinny girl, as long as they wear these pants, they can look slimmer and have longer legs. more popular.

Since you chose textured cigarette pants, you can't ignore upper body combination. If you want to match this season's taste like Miki's mom, choosing a comfortable and soft sweater would be more appropriate. it is better to choose same color combination, effect will be more obvious. Of course, such pants are generally loose, so pay attention to way you wear loose and tight pants, and the slimming effect will be better.

Look2, little white pants

Unlike little black trousers, small white trousers will look more beautiful, refreshing and simple. Although slimming effect of small black pants is better, they give people a stereotypical and boring feeling, and they also lack a fashion sense. The white color is more intense, it can make a person as a whole look more energetic and energetic, and when combined with a coat, it can reduce bulkiness of coat and give whole look a very light feeling.

Small white trousers are designed specifically for girls with different leg shapes. For girls with straighter legs, tight little white trousers should be very suitable, but if they are X-shaped or bull-shaped leg type, a straight-cut white trousers should be a must. For girls with thick calves, choose flared white trousers. When it comes to color combinations with coats, it is generally recommended to choose a light-colored style that will seem more comfortable and coordinated.

Look3, jeans

Jeans have always been a favorite of many little fairies. No matter how you wear them, they never get bored. In combination with jeans and a coat, you can easily create a literary and youthful look. No matter what coat it is matched with, it can easily make you a concave shape. If you want to dress more mature, let coat be unbuttoned, it will taste better!

Coat and jeans are a really classic combination, but you also need to pay attention to choice of top. You can wear a shirt with a vest, like Mickey's mom, which is more fashionable and more retro. Secondly, jeans come in different styles. With straight jeans, they are not picky for girls with any shape of legs, they look clean and neat. In terms of compliance, one loose and one narrow should be followed to achieve best slimming effect.

Look4, wide trousers

The combination of wide trousers and a coat can make you graceful and warm, and you will not only walk on wind, but also turn into a goddess of temperament in a matter of seconds. Loose pants like this can make your legs look long and straight no matter what type of legs you have. Wide pants have loose legs, so there are certain requirements for girls of different sizes. Long wide pants are more suitable for girls with long legs, and girls with short legs choose a width of 7 or 9 minutes. pants are ok.

How to make two very simple pieces suit different tastes, then you can start by color matching them, for example, a plain coat with plain wide leg trousers, so that whole outfit is simple, but not simple, for an advanced minimalist style whole person looks very stylish. But if you're afraid to go overboard with color, it's easier to choose a clean color combination, and it can also improve texture of overall shape. Or add plaid elements to make you trendy and retro.

image5, skirt

The combination of coat and skirt is also important. This combination can not only make you thin and hide your flesh, but also fill you with an aura. Compared to trousers, skirts are less picky about shape of legs, and they can better define waist, which is very suitable for girls with a thick lower body. This combination is also most feminine and gentle combination.

There are many styles of skirts. If you want to adopt a school style that is age rejuvenating, you can opt for a pleated skirt. But if you want to have temperament and mature taste, it would be better to choose a woolen straight skirt. Secondly, skirt cannot completely cover legs, as a rule, open part of lower leg is thinner. But if you don't want to wear leggings, you can wear ankle boots or ankle boots for a trendy and layered look.

If you don't know how to pair your upper body with a skirt, you can solve this problem by choosing a dress and coat combination, which will save you time and effort. Dresses with a knitted style inside can better achieve effect of keeping warm. If it is a self-developing style, for fat girls, they should wear coats buttoned up. But if it is worn open, dress should accentuate waist, a waist design or belt style will do.

Mika's mother's coat and women's trousers match, there must be a style that suits you!