Wrinkled clothes become smooth in seconds! Are you sure you are using 10 garment steamers correctly?

If you want to say what girls appreciate most when they go out, it has to be whether they look neat and clean, right? Especially when you are wearing nice clothes, if they are wrinkled, it will be a complete waste of your well-dressed clothes! So one of things you should do before going outside is to iron your clothes! Compared to traditional irons, I believe most people should now use hanging irons, right? But after using it for so long, did you use correct method? Let editor explain skills of using garment steamer to you one by one!

[How to use garment steamer 1] Gently pull on edge of garment

When using steamer, instead of just gently sweeping clothes with steamer, you can use your other hand to gently pull edge of clothes, in addition to making clothes fit better with steamer. will be smoother when ironing~especially where there are wrinkles, if possible, you can try to stretch them out with your hands. Of course, you should also pay attention to steam part. It hurts!

[How to use a garment steamer 2] How to iron a garment collar

Usually when using a garment steamer, ironing collar should be hardest part, right? After all, rest of details are quite flat, but there will be an extra piece of fabric on collar, and collar turns out to be a little smaller, so when it cannot be pressed or pulled with your hands, it will inevitably feel a little difficult to handle. At this time, you can put on entire collar. Pull out collar back, so area will be larger and it will be easier to stretch hem. It is best to iron edges of collar several times back and forth so that folds are more beautiful!

Wrinkled clothes become smooth in seconds! Are you sure you are using 10 garment steamers correctly?
[How to use a garment steamer 3] How to iron edge of a garment

Actually, you can use ironer's telescopic bar to fix corner of garment so that you can easily iron hem of garment by moving garment iron horizontally (laughs). clothes tend to wrinkle. but i don't know where to put my hands. if i use them incorrectly, i'm afraid of getting burned by steam from clothes steamer. so i can iron my clothes nicely without burning my hands~

[how to use clothes steamer 4 ] How to iron trousers

Instead of an iron, it is better to use a spray clip or a smooth metal nozzle that allows you to iron your trousers more accurately. You can also find a flat place to lay out trousers evenly. Skirts remain same. There may be some scattered or relatively small parts as clothes, and they are not as easy to iron compared to tops, so finding a flat surface and putting them on can help you get started!

Wrinkled clothes become smooth in seconds! Are you sure you are using 10 garment steamers correctly?
[How to use a garment steamer 5] How to iron upholstery, curtains and jackets

We can't make gold on outside and lose on inside, right? If it is such a relatively large thing, we can shake clothes first, just like when we want to dry clothes, first try to minimize wrinkles in clothes, and then use a relatively large amount of steam to iron them. relatively large items, if you do not shake them in front of you, your hands will get very tired. The next time you burn these things, you can shake them several times first!

[How to use garment steamer 6] Keep water steamer tank in state of water as long as possible

Everyone should know how a garment steamer works, right? Usually, water is poured into kettle first, then water is ejected with steam, and finally clothes are ironed, but sometimes when you are too focused on ironing, you will not find that there is no water in water. tank. ! In addition to easily damaging fuselage, dry burning state is actually very dangerous. Although modern household appliances are very smart with temperature control design, you can still pay attention to amount of steam when ironing clothes. When there is no water, you must hurry.

Wrinkled clothes become smooth in seconds! Are you sure you are using 10 garment steamers correctly?
[How to Use Garment Steamer 7] Maintaining Appearance of Garment Steamer

Since it's our tidying tool, of course it needs to be kept in good condition! Therefore, after using garment ironer, you can use dust bag supplied by original manufacturer to prevent dust, cotton wool, etc. from entering, and keep ironer clean. Sometimes after ironing surface of sweater, hang it on ironing nozzle There will also be some cotton wool and wool in machine. If you continue to iron other clothes at this time, wool will easily get on other clothes! Therefore, you can also use a clean cloth or dust removal paper to clean nozzle a little, so that each piece of clothing looks brand new!

[How to use steamer 8] Internal maintenance of steamer

If there is still enough water in water tank, but you feel that amount of steam is getting less and less, it is likely that steam cannot escape due to scale blocking air outlet. At this time, you can check if there is white vinegar at home. , after reconciling with water one to one, pour in from water inlet, shake up and down, left and right slightly, so that vinegar can dissolve scale, then open descaling valve and pour out water to solve problem! If it's still not resolved, you might have to go see if there's a problem inside machine and it's time to upgrade to a garment steamer~

Wrinkled clothes become smooth in seconds! Are you sure you are using 10 garment steamers correctly?
[How to use a garment steamer 9] Different wattages of garment steamers are used for different materials

Editors shouldn't say more about this. I think experienced girls might know that if it's made of thick wool or a relatively large coat, it looks like little shrimp when using a low-power garment steamer. Just like wrestling with big whale, a little steam is not enough to iron clothes, but if it is light and silky clothes, it does not need so much steam, otherwise it is easy to sew. wet, so you can choose power of garment steamer according to thickness of garment~

[How to use garment steamer 10] Get closer to garment, but slow down

Final - a small ironing skill. When using clothes ironing, it is best to keep nozzle close to clothes, but not to slide too quickly when ironing. Thus, clothes can be ironed. neat and pretty, and it doesn't take much effort. After all, ironing clothes isn't tiring, but actually sorting through all clothes is a feat (laughs), so it's worth learning a few tricks to make it easier for yourself. get up!

The above are ten tips on how to use your clothes ironer. Whether it's ironing machine care or ironing tips, everyone should take good notes. Let's be a little texture girl~