Top 10 Uniqlo Dresses Perfect for Work and Vacation! OL likes to start

As long as you wear a one-piece dress, you don't have to worry about how to pair it every morning, as many OLs love to wear it. But it's not so good to turn my favorite one-piece dress into workwear.... So this time I'm going to share with you UNIQLO dresses that can be worn to work multiple times. Don't underestimate UNIQLO! Mature and cute one-piece dresses are available♡

UNIQLO one-piece dresses for office wear ①Reversible V-neck one-piece dress

UNIQLO's Reversible V-Neck Dress is a simple one-piece dress with a straight V-neck! If you are in office, you can enjoy waist and slim lines, isn't that great! Of course, it is recommended to use a straight casual style in combination with small accessories to make it more fashionable♪Rolled up sleeves will make inner color more visible, and way you wear rolled up sleeves is also very fashionable.

UNIQLO Office One-Piece Dress ② Draped Pleated One-Piece Dress

Draped and pleated UNIQLO dress is easy to control, easy to control. Elegant draped dress is perfect for office! Wear it with a jacket for a formal look and is also suitable for business meetings and receptions. Because it is medium length below knee, it is also good that it can be worn mature and cute. It also goes well with flats, so it can be worn on days when you go out a lot or walk a lot. And it has sleeves, even if it's hot in room, you can just put it on! This is a great dress for office♡

UNIQLO one-piece dress for office ③ Flannel shirt dress

If it's a simple but office-friendly dress, you might want to try UNIQLO's Flannel Shirt Dress. While wearing it is already very trendy, but pairing it with denim pants or inner pants can create a trendy and layered style. In addition, not only as a one-piece dress, but also as a coat, you can wear all buttons unbuttoned. A dress that can be worn again and again from office to vacation. Big lines can express a sophisticated feeling of well-fitting clothes♡

UNIQLO dress ④ 3D merino wool high collar dress that can be worn in office

Three-dimensional weaving makes people look good. UNIQLO "3D Merino Wool Turtleneck Dress". Medium length and elegant lines are ideal for office wear. In addition to simplicity, body line is also beautiful, and looks good without accessories! Highly recommended for those who want to express simple lines. This one-piece dress that looks fashionable in one-piece can completely save you from not knowing how to pick it up in morning♡

UNIQLO one-piece dress for office wear ⑤Draped one-piece dress

UNIQLO's "Draped Dress" is a stripe that adds elegance to piece. Straight lines and beautiful drapery, whether in office or at small parties, can be very active♪For office, you can add a coat or sweater to reduce impact. If you're having a party, add some decorations to enhance the feeling of luxury. Because it's relatively cheap, you don't have to worry about sudden gatherings at parties♡

UNIQLO one-piece dress ⑥ Superfine cotton shirt dress for office wear

This shirt dress is crafted from traditional cut ultra-thin cotton, created by UNIQLO in collaboration with British designers. Using a belt to adjust waist line or a natural line without a belt♪The shirt has a neat look, so it will definitely work in office clothes. Also looks great with a coat in autumn and winter. It is also recommended to wear multiple layers of denim or inner pants♡

UNIQLO one-piece dress⑦lace office dress

The simplest lace dress is style that is not influenced by fashion trends♪UNIQLO's "lace dress" can create a noble and elegant feeling with a jacket. Besides, jacket-sweater combination can also create a simple fashionable OL style. Lace can be fragile, but as long as this UNIQLO lace dress is machine washable! Isn't it nice that you can wear it over and over without any remorse? Uniqlo one-piece dress for office workers, if you match it with basics, you don't have to be afraid♡

UNIQLO one-piece dress for office ⑧ printed chiffon dress

Gorgeous UNIQLO Printed Chiffon One-Piece Pattern! UNIQLO has always been based on solid colors, but this pattern is also very popular. This is a mature woman who knows how to dress well, not too flashy, and length is just right♪

Chiffon can create a neat feeling when paired with a coat. The right amount of sheer can also be worn in autumn to give a sense of sophistication. It is highly recommended to adjust waist according to different situations and use different lines♡

UNIQLO One-Piece Dress⑨Super-thin cotton A-line skirt for office wear

This stylish A-line dress from UNIQLO "Micro Cotton A-line Dress". A-line dresses with collar and sleeves are perfect for office! This mid-length hem skirt looks stylish♪Whether you wear it alone or pair it with underwear, it's very versatile♡

UNIQLO office one-piece dress ⑩ corduroy dress

The UNIQLO velvet dress is fall outfit made of velveteen! Because it is an autumn color, it is easy to wear for mature women. Apart from a one-piece dress, it can also be worn as a jacket, and matching ability is also very good. With a collar and sleeves, this is perfect dress for office. Create a different atmosphere according to different matching methods and can be active in a variety of autumn outfits ♡

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