If temperament is enough, clothes will fit! High-end "extravagant style" outfits, charm value skyrocketed

Korean drama actresses often appear on stage with their own aura. The same product with different combinations can create completely different styles. What I want to introduce today is [Extravagant Style] Look, which has a high appearance rate. Let's see how to wear it!

1 Oversized Jacket + 9-Point Pants

You can often wear a suit jacket. If you want to master a high-end model, you can choose a slightly larger size, and then match it with 9-point pants, which can show ankle line perfectly. temperament higher! Whether flats or high heels, you can opt for a solid color pointy toe style that elongates proportions of your legs.

2 Princess sleeve shirt + 7-point slit slim skirt

Don't think that this outfit will only appear in drama, but in reality it is full of aura. The princess-sleeved shirt in lightweight fabric and 7-point tight skirt can create a slim waist and good body proportions without making upper body too bloated. The extravagant style is easy to control, and the rate of return has risen sharply.

3 French Square Collar Top + Wide Leg Jeans

French square neck tops are a must-have for goddesses. A cut that changes lines of shoulders and neck, and elegant boat sleeves, combined with a pair of jeans with wide legs, give a more fashionable look. Apart from fact that legs are wide, rest of details fit well, which is undoubtedly a tall item.

4 Textured shirt + wide leg pants

Loose attire can also look extravagant, focus is on combination of materials and colors. Opt for a shirt in slippery fabric and comfortable wide leg trousers, color should not be too complex, so that look is not sloppy, but a little more casual.

5 monochrome jumpsuit

One-piece trousers, an effortless artifact, are definitely indispensable for high-level outfits. The one-piece trousers, looking a little more formal, are tied up with a beautiful belt that perfectly reflects good proportions, it's not a problem to match any shoes.

The aura and temperament depend on your own body, but right clothes can still help boost your personal charm. If you think more about your clothes, maybe you will find a different side of yourself.