A must-see for trendy office workers! Famous stylists, three easy ways to dress and match to create your own style

To turn an everyday look into a minimalist work look, stylists recommend using rule of one and two instead of one. Turn one of your casual pieces into a formal and textured outfit, then add sophisticated accessories as a lining to complete it. For example, a t-shirt, denim shorts, and weekend flats can be upgraded to a simple shape by replacing denim shorts with tailored suit trousers and pairing them with a beautiful necklace.

Also, remind everyone that in a simple fashion, exposed parts of body should be reduced in order to emphasize an attractive and preppy side, and not a sexy and feminine image.

Simple stylish outfit 1: short formal jacket + denim.

Of course, a jacket and jeans are best choice for simple looks. But every time a jacket for work is mentioned, many people think of a boring classic style. In fact, length and shape of jacket can also make jacket fashionable and comfortable for work.

Simple Style Outfit 2: Wide Leg Pants + Hemp Shirt

Linen shirts often give people a sense of celebration and casualness, but when paired with wide leg trousers in a neutral temperament, look can be enhanced. And since style of linen shirts is basically simple, decoration of necklaces makes the figure more perfect.

Easy Look 3: Pencil Skirt + Belt

When dating over holidays, most women opt for T-shirts and parasol skirts, which are more casual. On weekdays, you can try on a pencil skirt that fits better. A medium-length pencil skirt can not only emphasize figure. lines, but will not make overall shape too formal and monotonous. Pair it with pointed high heels and a detailed belt to make a simple look stand out.

Let's look at some simple clothing styles that might inspire you!

Combination of retro stitching and multi-piece design, subtle buttons and practical pockets enhance overall look!

Simple style outfits, light and elegant work outfits, show off your sense of luxury~

Extremely light and warm brushed inner fabric allows you to wear stylish and simple clothes in winter.

Friends who like simple style can try it! They are all very nice fashionable outfits, worth a try!

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