It's not because you show a lot that it's sexy.

Many girls mistakenly think that being sexy means showing more, but that's not true. In recent years, style of pure desire has become very popular, not only in clothing, but also in character design with fierce breasts, which not only boys like, but even girls deliberately dislike. Personally, I think purest and most lustful artists are IU and Jennie from Blackpink. The two of them will not have such a revealing look, but what makes people feel sexy is a little bit of sexuality that is unknowingly flaunted, which makes people feel yourself sexy. The key to heterosexual men's inability to extricate themselves! Let's follow them to learn a clean and charming style of dressing, and we will wear Slay like this in New Year of next year!

1. Top of a short knitted cardigan

Blackpink spawned BM trend. The most common this year is short board knitted cardigan top, top that fits short board, and stretchy material can fully fit body shape, even if it is not exposing, you can still see Curvy figure, short tops can open the thin a waist that is youthful and sexy.

2. A-line skirt

The A-line skirt, which often appears in Jennie's outfits, in addition to being versatile, can also modify buttocks and hips, making them visually thinner. In addition to plaid skirts, you can also start with a plain A-line skirt, which is good for work or casual outings.

3. Neck collar

If you are a girl who is not very confident in her arm lines, ladle collar is a good choice that can reveal your beautiful collarbone and visual effect is very subtle.

4. Neutrogen Advanced

Even if you wear spaghetti straps to show off your straight shoulders, it will still look classy. Another important point: do not compress "career line", but it will be more advanced!

Have you already started buying new clothes for New Year next year? Remember above points and you can also wear a clean and charming look!