The retro "old pattern" is back! Latest autumn and winter bags LV, DIOR, Gucci

Fashion is a cycle. In recent years, fashion circle has exploded with retro style again, and "old pattern" Monogram that was all rage in 1990s has made a big comeback as well. Many boutique brand bags also include "old patterns" in their designs. Join retro craze and get a "presbyopia bag" that will never go away!

Louis Vuitton "FROM 1854" The retro "old pattern" is back! Latest autumn and winter bags LV, DIOR, Gucci

Louis Vuitton has launched a new retro Monogram "Since 1854" series, celebrating year brand was born this fall and winter. The new "Since 1854" monogram is more eye-catching than brand's classic Monogram pattern. Creative director Nicolas Ghesquière took apart and reimagined classic Monogram pattern, integrated year of foundation LV "1854" into design, and turned "8" into petals, perfectly combining "classic" and "innovation".

In Monogram "Since 1854" products, main colors are burgundy and grey-black, which look elegant and elegant in a retro style, bringing a refreshing freshness. In addition to a series of bag styles such as OnTheGo bags, Dauphine bags, Deauville mini bags, Petite Malle small boxes, etc., even LV clothes, shoes, scarves and hats have also been replaced with extravagant "Since 1854" monogram. old pattern”, dedicated to founding year of Louis Vuitton.

CELINE Triomphe Canvas Arc de Triomphe print The retro "old pattern" is back! Latest autumn and winter bags LV, DIOR, Gucci

The CELINE Triomphe Canvas print was revamped by Hedi Slimane, brand's creative director, in 2018. Shadow Gradient Change is a new detail design that creates a 3D relief visual effect. This "old pattern" brand first released a logo in 1972. It was created by founder of brand, Ms. Celine Vipiana, based on design of chain of Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Since joining Celine, Hedi Slimane has recreated brand's historical treasures from a new perspective of contemporary design. This time-honored "old pattern" Monogram has re-emerged on fashion scene, recreating classic elegance of 1970s, introducing retro and nostalgic elegance.

CELINE Triomphe Canvas product series, known as "goddess style", includes tote bags, saddlebags, bucket bags, retro half moon bags, etc. Karlie Kloss, Julianne Moore, Korean star Jessica Jung, "Barbie" Lisa, Kimura Mitsuki, Li Xian, Jing Boran, Wu Lei and others all love it, and CELINE fans should definitely buy this series.

DIOR Oblique jacquard canvas The retro "old pattern" is back! Latest autumn and winter bags LV, DIOR, Gucci

This exclusive "Old Pattern" Dior Oblique piece is one of most iconic monograms in fashion industry. It has been popular for several seasons, and at present trend is not decreasing. Dior Oblique "Old Pattern" first appeared in 1969 Dior Spring/Summer Haute Couture collection. It was created by then creative director Marc Boen using a unique jacquard weave technique. In late 1960s, women's liberation movement was on rise, and Dior Oblique, "old pattern" symbolizing modern aesthetic, was immediately praised upon its introduction.

However, person who really brings this "old template" back to life is current creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri. At that time, Oblique canvas designed by Marc Bohan was designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, and Oblique canvas was applied to various classic bags such as Dior Book Tote, 30 Montaigne, Dior Bobby and so on. Compared to brand's other classic pattern, cannage pattern (that is, pattern of interlaced diamonds and a square check on Lady Dior bag), "old pattern" of Dior Oblique looks more modern.

FENDI Zucca print The retro "old pattern" is back! Latest autumn and winter bags LV, DIOR, Gucci

The Zucca "Leather Family" FENDI print consists of classic letter "FF" and was chosen "Logo of Year" by fashion website LYST in 2019. This iconic "FF" design was designed by "Fashion Lafayette" Karl Lagerfeld in 1965. In documentary Karl Lagerfeld Sketches His Life, design master recalled that he spent only 3 seconds creating FF.

"FF" is short for "Fun Furs" which means fun and creativity. This is signature tone that Karl Lagerfeld set for FENDI back then. After joining FENDI, he promised to change original fur and combine brand's classic luxury charm with youthful street style to create a very recognizable series. To this day, from clothes to bags, FENDI is still a trend indicator and Zucca Print is also deeply rooted in people's hearts.

Gucci GG Supreme The retro "old pattern" is back! Latest autumn and winter bags LV, DIOR, Gucci

Gucci is one of popularizers of Monogram trend. His classic presbyopia totem "GG Supreme" is an acronym for brand founder Guccio Gucci. It was created by Guccio Gucci's son Aldo and first appeared in 60s. .

In fact, in late 1980s, people were completely tired of ubiquitous GG Supreme totem, and brand's canvas products with GG Supreme totems fell out of favor. Even marketing expert Faith Popcorn threatens: "Seeing red and green stripes and old-fashioned patterns of GUCCI makes me want to throw it away."

Now Gucci, woven totem of GG Supreme, thanks to hands of Alessandro Michele, is once again a brand that enchants fashionable people, especially 1955 Horsebit series launched by brand in early spring 2020, and latest "Jackie 1961" crescent bags are even more popular in fashion circles. Among them, it can be said that classic "double G" totem canvas style is very popular, and it has become It Bag that stars and fashionistas rush to. buy.

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