A list of super popular Korean actresses at end of year, elegant and charming in appearance, with a super devil figure.

Many female stars are known for their elegance and dignity in entertainment industry, but when they occasionally appear on red carpet in luxurious dresses and show off a new look different from past, it not only makes people's eyes bright, but also People will find that "they have such a good figure!"

This time, I'm going to talk about Korean female stars who are worried about Sangwangung food. Korean actress Xu Ruizhi, who became popular with phrase "Although she's mentally ill, it doesn't matter," is also on list. list!

Thinking of eating three bowls of public, super devil actress 1. Xu Ruizhi

Korean actress Xu Ruizhi, famous for her line "Even though she's mentally ill, it doesn't matter", sparked theme in play because of her ultra-thin ant waist. When she visited Busil Film Festival a few days ago she wore a super-low neckline. Appearing in evening dress, her hidden good figure attracted attention of the public.

Actress Super Devil 2. Park Shin Hye

Actress Park Shin Hye, who has title of "Male God Reaper" in South Korea, has always been ideal type of many guys. She rarely shows her figure in front of camera, but she is actually very graceful! With her delicate features and slender legs, one wants to say: God is so unfair~

Super Devil 3 actress. Park Jihyo

Park Jihyo is leader and soloist of TWICE. At 23, she has gone from a baby when she debuted to a sexy and mature big woman. Especially her strong curves and impressive bust make people nosebleed!

Super Devil 4 actress Kim Yoo-jung

Actress Kim Yoo Jung, who entered show business at age of 4, is often referred to as next Jun Ji Hyun for her outstanding temperament and acting skills. She can be seen in TV dramas, movies and commercials. and she has an angel face with a devil figure. It's even more shocking, you can't hide your good figure!

Super Devil Actress 5.Yeri

Yeri is lead singer and sub-rapper of girl group Red Velvet. Since she is youngest of group, her every move naturally attracts attention. She recently started Pilates fitness, not only does she have Chuanzi muscles, but also let people discover her sexy figure, and let netizens say that little girl has grown into an adult!

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