"Peach Blossom Luck in 2021" Twelve Zodiac Signs "The Miraculous Peach Blossom" Lucky Color Transfer + Bag Recommendation

It doesn't matter if your love luck and peach blossom luck aren't equally satisfying in 2020. A well-known feng shui numerologist Hong Kong will explain peach blossom luck for 12 zodiac signs in 2021 to you, and suggest for each zodiac, year of ox can help you peach blossom. Lucky color is also attached to editor-recommended lucky color bag. you may want to change into a new peach color bag and carry it with you every day, it will bring a happy start to new year!

2021 Year of Ox Zodiacal peach color: Ox

There are many ups and downs in your love luck, so don't go to nightclubs or go to carnival parties to find a partner. Friends born in year of Ox, this year is "Tai Sui", so you must be especially careful in every word and deed, and be careful not to trust evildoers, and innocent people will be involved in right and wrong. In order to reverse taisui ominous sign and reduce negative energy field, you can participate in more celebratory activities and hold joyful activities that will help increase your luck. There are many crises in your career, beware of possibility of being cut off or "fired". If nature of work requires close contact with clients, you must be mentally prepared for fact that they will interfere with you, and try to control your emotions.

Recommended Bag Colors for Year of Ox: Black, Red

2021 Year of Ox Zodiac Peach Color: Tiger

Peach blossom luck is booming and prosperous, sudden marriage is no longer a dream, and meeting a real peach blossom is easy. Once you meet right person, you should seize opportunity and treat each other as partners for life. and you will soon enter cohabitation stage. Friends belonging to tiger are blessed with good luck this year, and with help of nobles from all directions and five directions, they can gradually realize their grand plans. Career luck is unstoppable and you are very popular among colleagues, you can also speak your mind and show your strength.

Recommended bag colors for tigers: black, white

2021 Ox: Rabbit

Those who belong to rabbit are getting better this year. This is a good time to set a new direction in life, and outlook is still bright. Career luck has risen and fallen more than once, but although popularity is strong, support of nobility is weak, and it is still difficult to find good talents that will help you realize your plan. You need to do everything yourself, and not rely on others. Peach blossom luck is like broken bamboo, and romantic scenes of love at first sight can appear at any moment. This year, you have a special relationship with opposite sex with a big age difference. Please be ready to open your hearts and welcome a good relationship.

Recommended colors for rabbit bags: green, white

2021 Year of Ox Zodiac Peach color: Dragon

Dragon friends are "broken taisui" this year and are easily controlled by others in everything. Even if good opportunities open up before them, they are prone to twists and turns. Career luck has stalled and work will be limited to some extent this year, which plunges Dragon people into depression and questions their ability to cope with affairs. Luck and bad luck are mixed and you can meet different types of opposite sex. Unfortunately, you treat them with a "on a donkey to find a horse" mentality and you are completely uninvested in your relationship.

Recommended Bag Colors for Year of Dragon: Green, Red

2021 Year of Ox Zodiac Peach Color: Snake

For those who belong to snake, this year's luck is prosperous and dangerous. The year of bull is "the year of right and wrong", but "the more right and wrong, stronger popularity." networks. of people. Career luck is gradually flourishing. This year you will be active and conscientious in business, and your attitude towards people and things will be more mature. Even with limited resources, you can still achieve success. The traces of peach luck are vague, which means that peach flowers do not come together. If you are single, you have long been unable to part with loners.

Recommended snake bag colors: green, red

2021 Ox Zodiac peach color: Horse

For those who belong to Horse Zodiac, this year will be "bad for Tai Sui". Fate is changeable, but it brings vitality through repetition. The emotion of horse people this year is like a rollercoaster ride, with ups and downs. "In danger comes opportunity" is line of work of luck this year. You need to stay calm, use your incomparable will, and sincerely help your colleagues and company out of trouble. Your boss will trust you and think that you are worthy of talent. promotion. Love luck is getting smoother. This year, you will radiate personal charm all time. The opposite sex will be attracted to your magnetic field. Remember that “sincerity” is your “passport” for a smooth love journey this year.

Recommended bag colors for Horse zodiac: white, brown

2021 Year of Ox Zodiac Peach color: Sheep

For those born in year of Sheep, there will be many ups and downs in Taisui this year. You must be mentally prepared for various unpredictable trials. This year is year to hone your fighting spirit. Thoughts this year are more chaotic, so it is not suitable for making any major decisions such as starting a business, changing jobs, large-scale investments, or even moving, otherwise you can easily incur losses. Love luck is weak and difficult to climb, and love index is low. The situation is like getting lost in desert and making it difficult to move forward. But it's not isolated from peach blossoms, it's just that your social circle is getting narrower and narrower, so this year you should take initiative to expand your circle of life and stop making excuses to yourself and become "home" or "home". homebody".

Recommended bag colors for sheep family: white, brown

2021 Ox Zodiacal peach color: Monkey

Friends belonging to Monkey will have a prosperous fortune this year, and opportunities will come one after another. You should learn this well and boldly welcome new attempts. Career luck will increase, opportunities for development will appear, a career breakthrough will occur, goals will become clearer, leadership qualities that have been hidden for a long time will gradually appear, boss will consider you his right hand. , and opportunities for advancement are in sight. Luck in love is steadily increasing, and luck in popularity has increased significantly this year, and there are many opportunities to meet opposite sex, which will make your social life colorful.

Recommended Monkey Bag Colors: Black, White

2021 Ox Zodiac Peach Color: Rooster

For those who belong to rooster, this year their fortunes will steadily increase, and their fortunes will obviously improve. The Year of Ox is a “year of learning.” We must change our passive personality and actively look for opportunities. Wenchang is prosperous, so it is advisable to use time for further study, enroll in self-improvement courses, and open up new thinking. This year, we must look further and have more opportunities than before. Peach blossom luck comes and goes again and again, and relationships between opposite sex finally reveal dawn, but it's a pity that most relationships are ambiguous.

Recommended colors for chick bags: red, brown

2021 Year of Ox according to zodiac Peach color: Dog

For Dogs, year of Ox is "Sin Tai Sui", and their fate is full of thorns. There will be many obstacles throughout year. My career has plummeted, my emotions are already prone to fluctuating, and I have to cooperate with new company policies to keep productivity, Going to work like a battlefield, and constant personnel disputes. The chance of changing jobs is relatively low, and only way to stop is to stop. Luck in peach blossom is superficial and untrue. This year, artificial peach blossoms are in bloom, and lover's behavior is erratic. I'm afraid that he is also destined to remain without participation. Don't be too emotional, start a relationship after getting to know each other.

Recommended bag colors for dogs: black, green

2021 Year of Ox according to zodiac Peach color: Pig

Friends belonging to Pig will have good luck this year, forming a strong aura, showing style of a general, and becoming especially persuasive. When he deals with things, he has a particularly bright mind, his emotions are often at their best, and his popularity is good. The luck of peach blossom is concentrated and furious, luck of popularity is improving, and at same time, relationship of opposite sex is increasing, and person you like appears one after another, distracting you, and caution makes your emotional life chaotic. , and even develops polyamorous love. Careless handling of partial peach blossoms will damage aura of positive peach blossoms, so you should adhere to principle of "prefer excess over deficiency."

Recommended bag colors for pigs: red, brown

2021 Ox Zodiac Year: Rat

For those who belong to Rat, this year general trend will stabilize and condition will finally improve. The general condition of year of Ox will be first weak and then strong. Career luck will not advance or recede, and work luck will slowly recover from original bottom. However, this year it is not appropriate to set goal too high. We must be prepared with a down to earth attitude and calmly face test. Peach blossom luck is weak and blocked, and negative aura keeps you wandering through crossroads of love. You lack sense of security with opposite sex that you met for first time, and you cannot commit to a relationship that has opportunity to develop. You become passive, hot and cold, and other side thinks that you are playing with your feelings, and relationship in in end will end without problems.

Recommended bag colors for Zodiac Rat: Black, Brown

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