"Sister Beckham" Victoria was secretly photographed wearing sunglasses and a mask all way on plane.

Sister-in-law Victoria Beckham and her husband took their children to Miami, USA a few days ago. Throughout process, she wore sunglasses and a mask in a very understated style, but she carried a designer bag that money can't buy.

Beckham's daughter-in-law and her husband David Beckham showed up at Miami Airport in US over weekend with their children. According to foreign media reports, couple bought property in Miami last year. Family This time he took a private plane from UK. Head to United States, mainly because of Beckham's football career. When she showed up at Miami airport, Mrs. Beckham was again secretly photographed by netizens. It can be seen that she was wearing sunglasses, a mask and a white T-shirt. She looked very reserved, but she was recognized by Look. The original reason was bag on Mrs. Beckham's body. Bag.

The bag on Mrs. Beckham is a classic Hermès Birkin bag in blue leather style, embellished with black and white silk gold, which casually clings to hand, making Mrs. Beckham even more beautiful. be center of attention of paparazzi. Hermès Birkin bags are very valuable and you can't buy them with money. They are usually VIP or special reserved items. The price of a rare leather is over one million Taiwanese dollars.

Walking in front of Mrs. Beckham, Harper Seven wore an orange plaid dress and her medium-length blond hair looked mature and sweet. small diamond pendant earrings, and mother and daughter models, showing good feelings of mother and daughter. In same scene, Jiaying showed a good relationship between mother and daughter, as well as Xiao X. and eldest daughter Ellie. A few days ago, Ellie celebrated her 15th birthday with her family. In a group photo, three sisters and Xiao X., both of them wearing silver hoop earrings. In small frozen age of S, she really looks like a sister.

A few days ago, Xiao X celebrated her eldest daughter's birthday, and eldest daughter also wore same hoop earrings.

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