Gentle girls who are natural, you must learn to wear clothes that double your attractiveness.

There are a lot of fashion bloggers these days. When it comes to Kelly, do you always have these key words in your head: "beautiful, kind and warm when you smile"? You always look forward to Kelly's premiere on YouTube, dine while looking at her fashion photos, share her life, shop, eat and broadcast, watch it and feel food taste better (laughs) ~ this time What Huan Guoguo brings to these are all Kelly's daily outfits. If you want to be a girl with a lot of affection, you must keep reading this!

wear a coat

Indifferent colors refer to simple midtones and highlights. Such low-saturated colors will make people feel comfortable, natural and fresh. It keeps you warm and seems to give people a feeling of warmth! And in such a coat, if you can put your hair behind your ears like Kelly, or tie a bun, line of face will be displayed, and overall outfit will immediately add points!

Basics of denim

Jeans should be in every girl's wardrobe! Loose fit jeans are easy to pair with a plain top and proportions of body are well emphasized - looking slimmer or taller is not a problem! Throw on a pair of basic sneakers under your feet and you can easily create a simple yet sophisticated feel!

Solid Top + White Pants

Choosing a monochrome sweater and white trousers is a simple and win-win wardrobe formula! A royal blue or checkered navy top is perfect for all those who want to look whiter, and whole person will immediately brighten after wearing it! Wearing white trousers on lower part of body, favor immediately increases dramatically, and is quite suitable for work and classes!

University T+leggings

Do you have questions about how to wear leggings to look your best? Can it only be worn while exercising? Not really! Simply wear an oversized college t-shirt that can go through your buttocks and choose socks with a slight pop of color to wear over your leggings. You can easily wear them for your daily sports activities. If you are a student, you should carefully study this kit. ~

The above #幻果果fashion# shows Kelly's natural and sophisticated style! After reading them, did you learn how to be a good girl through dressing up? If you or your friends are Kelly fans too, feel free to share this article with her!