How to wear high heels? Super practical guide to wearing heels

High-heeled shoes are an eternal beautiful dream for a girlIt is an indispensable shoe in a shoe closet!Whether it's a casual or formal occasionJust put on a pair of matching high-heeled shoes It can make a big difference overall texture and momentum!However, choosing heels is not so easyMany girls fall into myth that “the higher better” >Girls who often pay attention to fashion trends should know< br>It is better to choose wisely than to choose high!See. next outfit demoCombine shoes with right height in outfitto make a complete visual lengthening to achieve perfect body proportionYou can also be like a Korean lady with legs below chest!

Recommended high heels for formal occasions: heel height 6~9cm

Point-toe high-heeled shoes and leggings to elongate proportions and step forward

If you want to look impressive at a banquet or a formal eventYou need a pair of high heels!Combining pointed high heels with leggings can elongate proportions and increase momentum 9 cm of beautiful shape and thin heel can slightly change curve of legs,to make overall momentum more multiplied and support different big scenes!

How to wear to a company party?Fleece jacket + white jeans + stilettosEven if you only wear white jeansyou can still use a nice circle of Boca shoes Crooked curves increase sexiness index significantly!Cute can be bad Not only is it a secret weapon at partiesIt is also an ever-victorious army at weddings

Square-toe high heels and a dress full of immortality

Fairy Bridal Proposal: Square Toe High Heels + Chiffon DressDifferent from previous pointy toe designsThis look features this year's most popular retro shoes square head Amazing heel design!Side view is thin heel and rear view is thick heel.Heel height 6.5 cm creates a perfect toe ratio!

High heels recommended for dates: 4-6 cm heel height

Pointed heels and jeans are a casual and discreet look

Must date outfit: Korean blazer + jeans + pointed heelsEven if you wear regular jeansyou can create an alternative look with a blazer Smart and sexy The Most main thing is a pair of beautiful low-heeled shoes on her feetIt gives combination a more imposing and layered lookYou reckless little sister!

Pleated heels with full marks

Date wear should be comfortable, but not too casualPut on a lace top + chiffon pleated skirt + pointy mid-heeled shoesWherever you walk along trendy Xinyi Street or Wenqing's Zhongshan business district It can make your boyfriend look good!The 4.5cm heel height is just rightIt is not only easy to wear and walk, but also a versatile style all year roundTurned into a gentle temperament with uncommon temperament. The young lady bets on it!

For everyday wear, high heels are recommended: heel height 1-3cm

Pointed low heels and a one-piece dress create an intelligent and cute style

Daily Afternoon Tea with SistersHow can you miss great opportunity to take beautiful photos online!Korean style hair clip + one-piece dress + low-heeled shoes create an intelligent and cute outfit

Square toe shoes with low heels and a short dress create a fresh and cute look

Fresh and cute casual option: short dress + square toe shoes with low heelsCompared with pointy square toe shoes, it gives a more delicate feelingNo matter you are going for a walk or shopping All this is a good choice for outfits!

Huan Guoguo's stylish open-heeled shoes are available to everyone.As for matching heelsYou can make perfect choice depending on outfit!

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