Fat girls don't need to lose weight! These 5 items will restore your confidence and beauty

Slightly overweight girls always try to hide their fat when they dress. In fact, they know not only how to hide it, but also how to show it! With following 5 essential fashion items, plus size girls can also show off their most confident side.

Above knee pencil skirt

When choosing skirts for overweight girls, pay special attention to length of skirt, especially for girls with sensual legs, you can choose a skirt below knee, for example, a knee-length pencil skirt. A knee-length pencil skirt can hide fuller hips and thicker calves, but will instead draw attention to thinnest ankles.

Skirt with slit

Slightly overweight girls should be able to show off! In addition to a knee-length pencil skirt, you can safely choose skirts with slits that will not only make you slimmer, but also make your legs thin, main thing is to create a visual effect of thin legs. If you want to show a bit of sexiness, a slit skirt is definitely a good choice.

V-Neck Top

Actually, shape of neckline affects shape of face. Fat girls should not wear U-neck tops or dresses with a round neck, which will make face look rounder. The V-neck shape cannot cover not only thick shoulders, but also neck. The lines will also visually lengthen indefinitely, so V-neckline is a salvation for full girls!


Not only can a shirt hide fat, but a well-cut straight-cut shirt can definitely make women show off their confidence and beauty. Remember that you can unbutton two buttons at front to create a V-neck look. Whether it is paired with trousers or a skirt, it is still full of aura.

Ribbed Shoulder Top

Fat on arms is almost part that excites girls most. Every time they want to dress up carefully, they worry about showing off their thicker arms. The editor thinks that design of flat shoulder top is very thoughtful, whether it is ruffled sleeves or puffed sleeves, it can definitely cover arms effectively, and shoulder line is wide open, which is cool and sexy.

There is no need to worry about outfits of fat girls. If you still don't know how to wear them, you can read many links I've written about plump girls' outfits in past!