"One piece of clothing" can make you look thinner and older. Key Points to Wear a Sweater

A sweatshirt should be at least one item in everyone's wardrobe. It's easy to wear, looks thin, versatile, and you can go out in it! Usually has effect of reducing age and is quite durable. But if you're not careful, you can be lethargic and a little childish. How to make a sweater look fashionable and stylish? Remember following points. Wearing a sweater is naturally cute and you will be addicted to it as soon as you put it on. .

List of clothes with sweater 01|Pink

Pink+sweater makes people feel childish right away, but it's actually our wrong idea! Warm pink actually adds variety to our outfits and can show off our playful and rejuvenating side.

If you want a little sweet and a little bitter, you can choose a black piece that fits lower body and add a plush wide-brimmed fishing hat with a designer sense to add a sense of mystery. The pink short version is paired with a short skirt that not only looks cute but also elongates proportions of line. If you're worried that a sweater or T hat will look too boyish, pink is your best bet.

Sweater 02|Blue

Generally speaking, everyone will choose classic black, white and gray, but in addition to simple colors above, blue with a bit of gray can show off a unique style and make your outfit look better.

Blue gives people a feeling of freshness and elegance. The lower body is matched with white pants, and style just covers buttocks, which looks slim and intelligent. If you want a sweet temperament, you can try a short floral dress for an elegant style.

Sweater outfit list 03|Short version design

It will make petite girls look taller and longer! Pairing it with high-waisted pants is another option that can show off a more refreshing side.

If you're unsure about your lower body shape, you can opt for straight-cut trousers for a slim fit, or opt for straight-cut high-rise jeans that better adjust your hip width.

Sweater Clothes List 04|Slogan Sweater

If a simple sweater is essential in your wardrobe, then a slogan sweater is an indispensable and essential item that you can wear and move to advanced class.

If you want sweater to be focus of your whole body, you can choose a sweater with a different splicing design on slogan. It can improve your taste in clothes.

Sweater outfit list 05|Sweater + skirt

Classic outfits. I think everyone is familiar with missing bottom outfit, but it can be a bit out of place in some cases. If you want to show off your slightly sexy side, it's more appropriate to opt for a short skirt to match.

Sweater 06|Sweater for boy

This is how we know how to wear a sweater. The black and gray color is comfortable to wear and looks great in combination with boots.

The fur hat has a more playful look.

Most popular this fall and winter, dark green is one of styles to try on first.


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