It turns out that this detail changes width of fake crotch! "The Goddess Comes" Wen Jiaying 5 teaches to be a goddess

The Korean drama "The Coming of Goddess" is an adaptation of popular webtoon comic of same name. The heroine of series, Wen Jiaying, received a lot of praise for her funny acting skills and became famous for it. She is only 24 years old and she already made her debut at 14! All way from a small supporting role, I slowly rose up, and eventually got position of a heroine. At same time, she is also fluent in German, Korean and English. She is a talented student and talent and appearance, just like a real goddess.

People can't help but want to know how goddess dresses in private ~ stay tuned!

Goddess Clothing Tip 1: Long coat

Wearing a long coat in winter is easiest option. In addition to being a great modification to false blanket that girls take care of, it is also great at picking up excess meat. You can also opt for a coat with a belted design. look more layered. Just pair it with a regular slim high collar or long dress if you wear it openly, this is a regular coat jacket that is versatile and has a super high cp value!

Goddess Clothing Tip 2: One Piece Top

Wearing without a lower body means that upper part should be long enough to expose long legs and elongate proportions of lower body significantly, making overall feeling light and tall but also fashionable~ You can choose a long version of T-shirt or shirt, looks cute and energetic!

Goddess Clothing Tip3: Jeans

Classic denim jeans are a really good choice for everyday wear. The wide tube top can be paired with a vest or other pieces that narrow waist, while narrow tube version can be paired with a looser top. , or a shirt and snow spinning can create different styles!

Goddess clothing. Tip 4: checkered jacket.

What could be simpler and more stylish than a blazer! Whether you choose a houndstooth shirt, a one-piece dress, or a solid color, this pattern will add elegance and retro style to your outfit, as well as create a neutral and neat look, protect from wind and keep you warm. feeling! Sometimes wanting to be beautiful is not a problem~

Goddess Outfit Tip 5: Outfit in a T Cap

Not to mention T hat! When you can't think of what to wear, quickest and most convenient way is to wear a T cap. You can see that Wen Jiaying also likes to wear it as a casual wear in private! Secretly learn a little trick~ When you wear a T hat, you can tie hat string into a bow to add a cute feeling, and overall vision will instantly come alive~

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