"Queen Geren" Shin Hye Sun is learning simple dressing skills, and sweetness of one-piece dress breaks table.

Have you watched Korean dramas lately? Rural youth recently watched popular Korean drama Queen Jaereng. The antics of Shin Hye Sun's character in play really made editor of XD laugh. In addition to funny content, Shin Hye Sun manages queen's dress perfectly in play, I personally think it's really beautiful!

Actually, Shin Hye Sun is not only full of magical spirit in performance, but also beautiful outside of performance~ Today, editor will bring you "Shin Hye Sun's 3 Dressing Tips on Private Servers." , and Shin Hye Sun, who took off queen's dress, did same. It's very watery ~ Next, follow editor's footsteps to see Oh Ni wear it every day ~ GO!

Universal blazer

The editor has to say that jacket really is every girl's best friend! Every winter, looking around, wardrobe is full of XD blazers, a blazer is easy to pair with a light shirt or sweater, and versatile items are really indispensable~

All of Shin Hye Sun's blazers have "micro-shoulder pads" that give her a clean feel without making her look oversized or exaggerated. The editor wholeheartedly recommends that "shoulder lines be less prominent." Shuishui can buy a suit jacket with "micro-shoulder pads" to look more energetic! As for color, you can choose safer black or earthy tones, and it will not be difficult for you to match it for everyday wear ~ Hurry up to buy Xiwai XD.

Simple color matching is very easy

Looking at Shin Hye Sun's personal work, most of colors that appear on stage are almost "black, white, gray" and other easy-to-match colors that give people a whimsical feel while not feeling too heavy , fact is that three colors: black, white and gray can complement each other, and it looks good on body casually! If you are as lazy as editor and want to wear it, then it is recommended to buy a full set of black, white and gray XD tricolors.

You may be worried that black, white and gray will make people feel cold, but don't worry! If you choose carefully, you can really keep warm ~ It is recommended that Shuishui can choose items such as sweaters, wool sweater jackets, or shirts. Thus, you can easily create a delicate and cute look. Feel it. !

One Piece Dress

I must say that one-piece skirts are very comfortable! The skirt can not only give people a neat feeling, but also radiate sweetness, very cute! But before you want to be a cute leader, you should also carefully choose color of the one-piece skirt ~ Choose a lighter and lighter style to look younger!

The one-piece dresses that Shin Hye Sun wears are almost all solid colors, and tailoring is quite simple. If you've never tried one-piece dresses, you can turn to one-piece dresses that Shin Hye wears every day. You can't go wrong with a skirt style! The sweetness comes out completely ~ You can completely dominate audience with a one-piece dress when you go with your boyfriend or romantic partner XD.

The above is Shin Hyoseong's "3 Tips for Wearing Private Servers" brought to you by editor. Girls, do you think it's very easy after reading? XD. Compared to skills, editor believes that vision of choosing an individual product is more important! You can check out Shin Hye Sun's Instagram to see what items she usually chooses for her personal life and buy some casual clothes before end of the year (laughs).