"Learning 4 Styles of Japanese Scarves" Delicate and balanced knot + Twisted knot

When temperature drops, a thick neckerchief will come in handy if you want to keep warm from cold! A Japanese clothing store recently shared instructions on how to style a scarf. The 4 practical tying methods are very simple. Take out scarf at home and follow it while watching. Girls with limited hands can easily master turn knots, balance knots and other tying methods.

If you want to have a sense of style and sophistication like a Japanese girl, don't just wrap a scarf around you every time. Simply tying a scarf can also add a little thought, and it's perfect decoration for everyday wear. Let's learn together and let scarf be your cute and sweet winter accessory.

Paragraph 1: Delicate and balanced knot

  1. The neck scarf should be positioned according to length on right and short on left.

2. To demonstrate, extend your arm in a circle and put scarf over your left hand from top to bottom.

3. Pull gently to adjust position.

4. Repeat same steps on right side, place it in circle, unfold neckerchief folded on top and adjust volume to complete.

Paragraph 2. Cross-reference method

  1. First, arrange scarves according to length of right side and short left side and wrap right scarf around neck.

2. Place your hand in position indicated by arrow and gently pull left scarf up a little to form a small circle.

3. Use other hand to insert, and then pass right scarf through above circle, and the position adjustment is complete.

Section 3. Knotted

  1. First tie a knot in middle of scarf, just loosen it and be careful not to pull it too tight.

2. Tie a knot in front of your neck, put scarf over back and place two ends of scarf over your chest.

3. Place glove in circle at bottom, lift right scarf through small hole

4. Switch sides and do it again. After loosening twist knot, reach into hole and pull out left scarf.

Section 4. Simple Side Cover

  1. Fold scarf in half and wrap it around your neck, scarf should be longer on tassel side.

2. Reach for a small circle.

3. Pull other end of scarf into a circle, adjust the volume and you're good to go!

Have you learned how to tie a simple Japanese scarf? I can't leave a message yet.