Tailored aesthetics of top fashion brands in Milan, Italy! Luxurious timeless charm

Giorgio Armani, a high-end fashion brand based in Milan, has recently released its Spring/Summer 2021 haute couture collection. Each set of exquisitely tailored uniforms draws people's attention. As time goes by, fashionable aesthetics become more and more charming.

Refined design layered over haute couture collection tells story of Mr. Giorgio Armani's legendary experience, his unbridled soul and taste that doesn't follow trends in detail. The Giorgio Armani Privé collection was shown at Palazzo Orsini for first time and once again attracted everyone's attention.

Because Giorgio Armani is Milan's leading fashion brand, every piece is born here, from concept to manufacturing process. Each method of construction demonstrates Mr. Armani's commitment and attention to excellence, his love of light, shadow and color, and he strives to pass on foundation of aesthetics to the next generation.

Whether it's a light and thin jacket, a long skirt with elegant embroidery, a sexy and charming robe or a flowing crystal skirt, elements of symmetrical details are skilfully used this season to redefine flowing lines and cut ratio. Striped design full of masculine charm, silk fabric with shimmering gray gold, made of brocade, organza, tulle and washed silk, against backdrop of velvet ruffled details and a soft touch, like touch of meeting in summer Gorgeous autumn colors.

The main colors of this season are fuchsia, lake green, starry blue, sapphire blue, elegant gray and amber gray; fine crystals and sequins adorn various materials, involuntarily blooming with bright light, highlighting meticulousness of each work. Craftsmanship and fine pursuit. The light tulle subtly blends with flowers through floral embroidery, and geometric patterned neckline highlights style of dress. Everything looks light and colorful, full of happy joy.

Due to epidemic, this show was held without spectators and as part of Paris Fashion Week, show was streamed live on brand's community account, and Mr. to get to know annual event in fashion world.

Mr. Giorgio Armani said: "High fashion is deeply rooted in history of fashion. It symbolizes pinnacle of creativity and craftsmanship. In past, it was a world accessible only to very few people. Today, thanks to Internet, everyone can become a guest of our top show. "