Korean idol gets 'hot bikini girl' on legs? The god of stylists laughs at netizens

Returning last month with their seventh full-length album, popular Korean boy group SHINee recently began promoting their repackaged album for release next week. As teaser photos of new album were released one after another, denim pants worn by one of members, Taemin, unexpectedly caught attention of netizens because original "hot girl bikini" pattern was different from original design.

SHINee wrapped up their online concert 'Beyond Live - SHINee: SHINee World' just last week, with more than 130,000 people who paid for simulcast live broadcast. As individual teaser photos of members of group were exposed one after another, many fans also noticed that denim pants that Taemin was wearing in photos seemed a little "weird".

Taemin's denim pants from Korean fashion brand We11Done. In addition to deliberately old-fashioned treatment, they also include iconic splicing design. The stitching around hips is most eye-catching, and bikini beach girl is also hand-drawn.

However, this pair of pants is different from Taemin's original design! Looking closely, beach girl, originally dressed in a "three-point bikini", not only changed her upper body to a crop top with suspenders, but also "put on" shorts, it turned out that stylist did this with skillful graffiti to avoid unnecessary disputes. Beyond repair . After watching it, fans also commented "like Cody", "Cody feels really good", "too cute".

The "Hot Bikini Girl" on Taemin's pants was redesigned by a stylist.