What are styles of summer one-piece fashion vests? Let you wear sexy and tasteful in summer

Given problem of global warming, we can say that temperature in summer is steadily rising every year. The weather is getting hotter and hotter day by day. It's not hot but hot and sticky and really uncomfortable. Since weather can't be changed, let's change mood out of clothes! When it comes to summer, cuties and vests are definitely must-haves for women! Huan Guoguo wants to share with you his 5 favorite styles that are very stylish in any combination!

1. Vest with thin straps

The thin-shouldered vest, you might say, is ancestor of cool and cool outfits. In an era when there were bans and nails were checked every week, it was great to have a cute waistcoat with thin shoulders. A variety of types include skinny, loose, silk, cotton, and forged surfaces. Suitable for lower body with simple wide leg trousers, denim shorts and short skirts. Suitable for wearing according to daily needs. Initially, it seems ordinary thin. shoulder straps will never be common again.

2. Wide vest

This type of vest is really perfect for people with small bellies like Le Bian! The wide cut does not make you look fat, but adds a sense of everyday comfort, which is very suitable for wearing on trips in hot weather. For lower body, if vest itself is a long version, just wear a pair of shorts to make overall shape a casual dress, or wear skinny jeans and inner pants for a very casual look. There are so many combinations. You can try a wide vest that can be worn all week long!

3. Solid color vest

Versatile solid color vest that will suit those who do not like too frilly clothes! No matter what color it is, if you wear a pair of well-fitting denim shorts, it will be a refreshing, pleasant and iconic simple outfit. If you want to wear a simple vest with a less heavy sense of layering, just throw on your favorite slim shirt in closet and sunglasses and layered fashion sense will be there in no time!

4. Flat vest

Perhaps because flat clothing can expose women's collarbones and shoulders, they always have temperament and soft beauty. The flat neck vest is very suitable for formal occasions such as attending exhibitions, listening to concerts, attending wedding banquets, etc., showing a woman's generous and sophisticated softness. In addition, there are also many casual designs that can not only show full femininity, but also show sexy beauty. You can decide which style to buy according to style you want to choose!

5. Vest with sloped shoulders

In contrast to soft beauty of flat mouth and one-line collar, sloping shape of shoulders gives people a more avant-garde and bold look. She fully opens one arm and generously shows lines of collarbones and shoulders, which makes people's eyes burn. However, more troublesome part is underwear. You can use Nubra to reduce risk of exposure!

Actually, what you wear every day should match your mood, so even if it's just a small vest, it can be used in various styles to match people with different emotions every day due to changes in shape , material, style and even color. Having said that, before talking to style, you still need to find a vest that belongs to you!

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