Rough and dull knees and elbows? Summer body skin care, three steps to avoid failure Details

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and vests, shorts, skirts and shorts come out one after another, but skin areas such as knees, inner and outer elbows that have been hidden for too long are silently drowned in roughness. and stupidity! It's too late, three basic steps of body care in motion, smooth and delicate skin is most beautiful scenery of summer!

Winter is over, skin of body must come out to meet people! Taking care of your body skin is very easy. The three basic steps are really done. You really don't have to worry about people seeing your thick legs and rough skin when they get close!

"Exfoliate your body regularly"

The skin of body and face will accumulate old waste, combined with age, external environment, dirt, oil and sweat clogging pores, it is more likely to cause problems such as roughness and dullness, and image of face that has deliberately rubbed inside and outer sides of knees and elbows, which are even more shockingly black. Thus, regular use of exfoliating body products will promote normal metabolism and regeneration, and will also allow subsequent moisturizers to be better absorbed!

"Refreshing oil massage for whole body"

The temperature in summer is high, and skin's ability to retain water also decreases. After bathing, it is recommended to use a refreshing body oil and massage skin. For local rough and dull areas, you can use a warm towel to wet compress for 5-10 minutes after massage, moisturizing effect is better.

"Milk for body should be no less"

Groom your face every morning and evening, but don't forget to apply lotion to your body. After showering and drying your body daily, when body temperature is still high, apply body lotion to help your skin retain water and stay hydrated.