3 tricks for Japanese wives to look slimmer by wearing a waistcoat and vest to reduce age and "shrink" the skeleton

Uniqlo Age Reduction Clothes|Although many girls are not too fat, it is easy for them to worry about looking fat and big due to their large skeleton. The Japanese wife Yuki, whose height is 162 cm, already has a daughter, she not only looks like a girl, but also combines age youth and thinness, which is definitely worth paying attention to.

Japanese wife Yuki already has a daughter, but she always likes to wear Uniqlo and other Japanese brands, creating a visual effect of being younger, slimmer and taller, and she has 42,000 followers on Instagram. You who also like retro feel or girls who want to try more can also be used as a reference.

Overalls/work pants

When it comes to age reduction, it should be dress/pants! Or, based on convenience of caring for children, Japanese wife Yuki tends to choose overalls, especially work pants. Most of time, she would wear a plain t-shirt with loose work pants and converse or open-toed shoes to create a sense of laziness and energy; however, if you want a formal feel, you can also look like Japanese wife Yuuki. You can also choose a shirt with a jumpsuit. Besides solid colors, you can also choose a thin and straight stripe style, which can not only bring decoration, but also create a very significant slimming effect and reshape body.

If you want to add just right amount of femininity, it is recommended to pair it with an off-the-shoulder top, or even directly opt for a bra top as a lining, showing sophisticated sexy and eye-catching.

Vest outside

Vests are popular this year. Japanese wife Yuki also often uses this method to match her outfit, for example, she wears same color vest over a printed shirt to add layering and enhance overall look. However, this collocation method isn't necessarily only applicable to fall and winter, if you're opting for knitted or other body styles, it's also applicable to spring and summer. Japanese wife Yuki even opted for a retro style to stand out.

In addition to paying attention to material, it is also recommended to choose a short body shape. Due to short body, whether used with a jumpsuit or an inner top and combined with underwear, it can easily help lengthen body proportions; color of vest should also be at least one degree darker than inner shirt to visually "reduce skeleton".

Inverted trousers

Japanese wife Yuki's style is simple, but fact is that she is chasing high comfort. Skinny jeans in disguise are not her choice. On contrary, she prefers to opt for neutral, straight-cut jeans and diagonal denim trousers, and a T-shirt to match.

To make shape more distinctive and create a visually high effect, Japanese wife Yuki will opt for a cut with a folded design or roll up her pants two or three times after putting on pants. If pants are wide, but you want to create effect of skinny pants, you can first tuck pants inside and then tuck them in to length you need. The same pair of pants can bring different styles.