Japanese girls wear solid colors to create eye-catching contrasting colors! Rules for wearing a shirt without a slip

[Outfits by Zara, Uniqlo, GU] French girls love florals, while Japanese girls love solid colors. If you're a minimalist too, Japanese mom-of-two Amy's style might suit you. Bring inspiration.

Amy at 166cm doesn't go for Smart Casual style and doesn't follow Muji style that many girls love. Instead, she tends to be casual, but her Instagram still has 95,000 followers. Or because most of her clothes are bought from popular brands such as Zara, Uniqlo and GU, and she is also good at matching and matching. Her outfits not only create a feeling of neat and clean, but also have an anti-aging effect. Effect Stroller also feels like a stylish mom.

"One Clothes, More Clothes" Demo

What Amy should pay attention to is "wear more than one piece of clothing" matching method. Recently, she likes to complement different looks with a linen jumpsuit with suspenders. Don't think it makes less of a difference when paired with overalls, Amy has shown off a variety of styles and all pieces chosen are simple t-shirts that every home should have, such as black and white short-sleeve t-shirts and tank tops used as innerwear.

Also, wear coat off your shoulders or wear it straight, which can add layering. In addition to black and white, when choosing an inner top, it is recommended to choose a color that contrasts with color of jumpsuit to make more changes. You can also choose a square neck top, like Amy's, to expose collarbones and create a slimming effect.

In addition, she paired different styles of T-shirts and sweaters with Zara suit trousers and wore top of trousers to effectively slim her legs. This combination can not only neutralize formal meaning of suit pants, but also create a neat and intelligent aura. Another Japanese wife highly recommended these Zara pants because they are versatile and love high waist.

Earth tones create a soft aura

Clothing in light colors can create a feeling of warmth, intimacy and radiate a youthful vibe, which is why Amy loves light or earthy tones and chooses browns, beiges and other pieces to match matching Tone shirts. not only shorten time to choose clothes, but also give people a more vivid and noticeable visual effect. Amy will also pair light gray and white clothes with beige pieces, which can not only harmonize color, but also refresh, and at same time brighten the complexion and show a good complexion.

Umbrella skirt rejuvenates

Compared to other girls who prefer bright and floral pieces, Amy prefers to keep things simple, but she likes to wear parasol skirts for a youthful effect. Choose from a brown, black or blue skirt, or wear top with a skirt to elongate your lower body proportions. The skirt sways smoothly with every step, creating a dynamic vibe. Amy will also be wearing a one-piece parasol skirt, but what she chooses is not a style that reduces waist, but a loose fit, nine-point length that exposes "absolute area" of ankles for a slimming effect. , see young.