Lemon yellow costume matches with purple eggplant gloves! Taeyong's 'Color of Death' looks amazing

Taeyeon achieved a breakthrough in Korean variety show recording clothing. The final look is a lemon yellow suit with eggplant purple gloves. The amazing "color of death" is not a violation, which leads netizens to rave about Taeyeon's ability to control Super's fashion.

Tae-young has been invited to host Korean variety show Amazing Saturday. Not only did she showcase her humorous hosting skills, but her appearance on stage each week was also well received. Taeyeon recently shared MC's latest outfits on her personal Instagram, wearing a bright light fluorescent lemon yellow suit, eggplant purple gas gloves on her hands, a round dome hat and a white FENDI handbag, colors are bright and bold. , and everything has become a hot topic on Internet.

It turned out that combination of two very bright colors, lemon yellow and eggplant purple, was described by netizens as "color of death", but on Taeyeon's body it didn't seem out of place. bowler hat and white handbag fashion Fans commented wildly, “Taeyeon is smart no matter what she wears”, “A scary color can be worn on Taeyeon without mistakes”, “That yellow is really scary, Taeyeon is so strong. "

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