Who are daddy's shoes for? 10 Tips for Wearing Dad Shoes to Look Good and Show Long Legs

If we talk about shoes for dads, which have become popular in recent years, they have long been known as national shoes, a classic pair for thousands of girls. But some people always feel like they can't control old shoes, they look bulky, focus is on feet, and body still seems shortened? ! Today, I will teach you how to wear super practical dad shoes, as well as different styles of dad shoes that can easily create a charming long-legged effect, and tell you about a coordinated and super trendy outfit~

Tips for wearing old shoes:

A little advice on choosing shoes for dad should have an obvious design. If clothes are too long and half of legs are open, shoes will easily look bulky and whole person will look shorter! Therefore, try to choose a length above buttocks for upper body or jacket, so that line of legs protrudes, and design of shoes helps to lengthen line of body!

Dad shoes to wear two skills:

The purpose of wearing this way is to harmonize body proportions. If upper body is tight and lower body is loose in old shoes, all attention will be focused on lower body. It is recommended that upper body is paired with a puffy jacket or top, and trousers should be cut so that legs look very thin and very long!

Dad shoes wear skills three:

Girls should know this sheer top and sweatpants trick! It is also a very suitable way to wear old shoes. The colors you choose in spring and summer can be cooler blues, greens, or pinks, which will also make you more attractive!

Dad shoes wear four skills:

Skirt, shorts + shoes for dad The most girly look is skirt and shoes for dad. Daddy shoes can make girls' ankles thin and thin and make their bodies much smaller. They are very popular with boys!

The fifth skill of wearing old shoes:

Pants + daddy's shoes. The trick with trousers is that you can choose trousers with slightly wider legs or trousers with wide legs. This style is more street style, beautiful and personality, with a more powerful feeling, and you can use matching accessories such as hats well, making look more fashionable!

If you're looking for a tough challenge, you can learn from Song Yunyun by pairing daddy's shoes with cycling pants and a leopard print coat and your aura will soar!

Tips for wearing dad shoes six:

Long version of down jacket + dad shoes. Since jacket is warm enough, almost everyone uses corn-style dressing method, and inside is just right if shoes. If fit is not enough to create a sense of presence, you will feel that upper body is heavy, and upper part of body is about to crush body. Therefore, in old shoes with increased thickness and width, feet are straight and securely supported. , and visual effect is consistent!

Seven tips for wearing old shoes:

A floral print top and denim shorts are great for rejuvenating! Choose a pair of pink and white dad shoes and wear a pair of turquoise stockings. Korean girls really know how to use colors in their outfits

Eight tips on how to wear old shoes:

This year NB daddy's shoes have been very popular, especially this pair of retro models that will suit every Korean girl! For a boyish retro look, why not pair a gray top with dark denim wide leg pants?

Tip 9 for wearing old shoes:

Due to popularity of outdoor activities lately, everyone's outfits are leaning more towards sports and casual style! Dad shoes paired with yoga pants also shows a very nice sporty style. When weather gets cold, you can wear a fur hat!

Tips for wearing dad shoes ten:

In addition to white daddy shoes, of course, there are also black daddy shoes that will match your outfit! Wear a red floral print dress. As for color of jacket, you can wear a leather jacket that matches shoes, or a denim jacket is also very stylish!

After reading so many outfits, you should buy a pair of daddy's shoes right away, right? In fact, as long as you understand body proportions, you can actually look good in whatever you wear, and you're not afraid to step on thunder at all! Especially since this shoe is mainly designed for petite girls, it will not be an exaggeration to lengthen legs by 10 cm when wearing, and suitable for year-round wear, CP value is really high!

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