Vivienne Westwood's 'Punk Godmother' Turns 80! Birthday celebration on streets of London

Vivienne Westwood, godmother of punk in fashion world, is celebrating her 80th birthday. He didn't take age seriously, and his edgy style sparked controversy.

Vivienne Westwood's poignancy and defiance never change with age. She celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday and decided to celebrate her birthday on streets of London by wearing a dark gray leather jacket with a purple embroidered skirt and wearing a black fur hat. , 80 years old and still in style. Friends brought cakes with candles, fans applauded and congratulated, sent bouquets, everything was so natural.

There is actually a reason why Vivienne Westwood chose to celebrate her birthday outside. She collaborated with art site platform on a film about environmental protection. On night of her birthday, it was shown in Piccadilly Circus. , London (Piccadilly Circus) on big screen Vivienne Westwood came here to enjoy working in films and celebrate her birthday.

Vivienne Westwood brought punk rock into fashion circles. Many classic designs and feats have been cited in fashion circles and recognized as exemplars. Therefore, Vivienne Westwood has gained a very high reputation. She is respected, especially in United States. Kingdom, she is considered a national treasure, and even Queen of England was called a lady. Such as neutral style (Uni Sex), pirate attire (Pirates), liberating clothing silhouette, etc. are all rebellious and avant-garde designs.

Many classic supermodels left an unforgettable impression in Vivienne Westwood show. For example, Kate Moss walked runway in clothes with little to no fabric, painted her face white and ate ice cream; "Black Pearl" Naomi Campbell (Naomi Campbell) landed on worst show of her life, and it was also because she stepped on nine-inch platform shoes designed by Vivienne Westwood.