Refinement + Elegance = A woman in trousers! Ideal formula for straight trousers, cropped trousers and suit trousers.

Many people think that skirts are synonymous with femininity. In fact, charm of trousers lies not only in this. Chic is key to attractiveness. This time, I will share perfect outfit formula for four main types of pants, showing endless charm of sexy and elegant!

Wear with pants 1: tight leggings

Many people's first pair of jeans are leggings, which are versatile and slim and can accentuate curves. Black pants are more like supermodel jeans. They are cozy and comfortable when paired with T-shirts. and sneakers Simple stylish outfit. But you may not have noticed that leggings are actually most suitable for delicate and formal styles. Be it a jacket or a coat, they can easily fill you with energy. No wonder Korean girls have more than one pair in their wardrobe.

Pants wear 2: straight pants

Straight cut jeans are comfortable and versatile, they can be combined with different styles, they are suitable for creating a lazy temperament, therefore they have become a favorite type of trousers for French women. Basically, straight cut trousers are worn by least picky people, but it's a good idea to try them on yourself and find ones that best fit your waist and hip curve, which is most suitable design for you. Less stretchy ones have a stronger sense of restraint at waist and hips, and can also allow you to have better posture when you're standing. You can choose white or light-colored straight jeans for spring and summer that are fresh and easy to match.

Pants wear 3: suit pants

Women in suit trousers are full of femininity. With a jacket, they are elegant and neat. If you want to be more chic, you can opt for floor-length suit pants so you can walk with wind! There are more options for upper body, matched with shirts and chiffon yarn to show elegant OL style, if matched with a short T-shirt and BRA, it will have a street fashion feel, so that suit pants can not only be formal, but also have more rich and varied wear Take path.

Clothes with pants 4: Cropped pants

Compared to shorts, which directly express sexuality, cropped trousers, which have become popular in recent years, are more sexy and sexy. momentum, even for formal occasions, and will not be confused by appearance of cropped trousers. This neutral style item creates a clean and youthful atmosphere, while cropped trousers are also a sharp style tool, they are fashionable and eye-catching when paired with an oversized coat.

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