List of popular shoe styles this summer! Irreplaceable metals and chains create a very beautiful girly style.

It's time for a new wardrobe and shoe rack! I believe all girls can't wait to buy all kinds of new spring and summer styles ~ What styles are hot this year and I won't hide my outfits and tell you now ~ Super bad fart group style should get it first! Who said girls can only be cute until very end? Compared with cute temperament type, cool and cute style will be focus in 2021! The following fashion LOOKINGS have been created together to definitely get you on cutting edge of fashion!

LOOK1-A cool cute bad girl who sometimes plays sexy.

Who, like editor, saw this pair of #微美旅行 low-heeled shoes with multiple buckles was immediately burned! It's cute and has personality. It is a pointed toe with a thick heel that hides a hint of momentum in elegance. A heel of about three centimeters not only makes walking easy, but also secretly lengthens proportions of legs. every now and then you want to play naughty little girl, of course you can't let that kind of caution pass by~

The most special thing about this pair of shoes is double porous laces. Two additional laces at instep in form of figures. One thick and one thin create a sense of hierarchy and show more relationship. What's more, elasticity can be adjusted according to thickness of instep, fashion and practicality are hidden in the details~

The glossy upper is also one of highlights of this pair of shoes. The avant-garde sense of lightness can inadvertently draw attention, and every gesture is in spotlight! Although most of shoes made of shiny materials are hard, this pair is made of skin-friendly leather inside, so it is very soft and comfortable to wear ~ Cute and cool sister-in-law style will be launched immediately!

LOOK2-An elegant little girl who is rebellious to core

Lace-up shoes with a slight retro touch have made a comeback in last two or two years. Almost everyone in Ou Ni has one. Shoes for all occasions must be in shoe closet! But such lace-up shoes usually come across as cute and elegant. If you want to create a rebellious, cute and cool feeling, choose this pair!

This pair of #紫病小雅节相锅系切 high-heeled shoes also features a pointed toe, and skin-exposing hollowed-out design makes legs look longer after instep is lengthened. ankle is even more insidious. Indeed, for vast majority of male compatriots, ankle is actually sexiest part of girl, as well as collarbone. Wearing a belt on thinnest ankle can immediately enhance femininity.

This pair is also made from a soft and shiny material. I must say that shiny material is also one of essential elements of personality. , unconsciously exudes a rebellious attitude, whether you want to be bad or good, you can definitely make a mistake!

LOOK3-Stylish and cool sister roams city

Before summer officially arrives, be sure to grab a pair of Muller slippers, which are really good. Since Muller shoes started ramming a few years ago, there were no signs of a fever until this year. Facts prove that they really wear Durability is also a key factor in fashion ~ This spring and summer, you can also change your individual style, break established rules of appearance and add some small details with a sense of design ~ Fashion mules that will make you feel sweeter and cooler in a second absolutely must pay attention!

The #弟怪 studded fashion mules with metal elements are decorated with silver studs, which looks very personal, and small hole in center of vamp also adds a little more shape, mixing temperament, fashion and personality. , whether for work or a date, it is very reasonable!

Like a slightly formal outfit of jeans and a jacket, studded mules become an instant highlight! In addition, this pair is made of cowhide, which is not only fashionable, but also very textured ~ Although it may be easy to put on and go home, but when you put it on, it feels like it was worn on purpose. and the mod is perfect! !

This spring and summer, use metal and chains to complete cute and cute LOOK~ girl! Everyone, hurry up and try it on closet~

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