Praise: 54 years old is very young! "The most beautiful little dragon girl" Li Ruotong shows off her abdominal muscles and toned V-shaped face.

Li Ruotong, a Hong Kong actress known as "The Most Beautiful Little Dragon Girl", is known for many film and television works such as "The Legend of Condor Heroes", "Dragon Babu", "Woman General" . Yang Family" and "Autumn Fragrance". The little dragon girl played in The Legend of Condor Heroes surprised even late writer Jin Yong.

She turned 54 this year and often shares her secrets to maintaining her frozen age and beauty on social media, especially her unscientific ice cube abs and clean facial lines, which are absolutely popular with netizens. Crazy age - recalcitrant goddess!

Li Ruotong's Ice Cube Muscle Workout: Do Four Sets of Exercises Every Day, Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Although Li Ruotong said that it is not easy to develop abdominal muscles, but constant efforts will bring good results, she also shared a simple version of abdominal exercises that she can do at home. Including: leg raise without landing, squat, leg raise squat, abdominal lateral support stretch, give 10-15 minutes a day, seriously exercise, whole abdomen will have a feeling of movement, even lateral abdomen line is also very smooth Feel it~~

Li Ruotong's Secret Breast Enlargement Technique: 15 Minutes a Day to Improve Hunchback and Enlarge Breasts

This is a corrective action to improve your back and waist, if you prepare a rope or a piece of inelastic fabric, lower your arms vertically, turn your thumbs out, hook two little fingers together, adjust to a suitable position and take rope Fix your thumb behind your back and keep doing this for 5 minutes, three times a day. After rope is untied, you will definitely feel that your posture has improved!

Li Ruotong maintains a toned V-shaped face: exclusive jawline massage technique must be pressed every day.

In addition to maintaining shape of body, Li Ruotong also does not scatter in terms of the firmness of facial lines: for daily care, she will choose an easy-to-apply and easily-absorbed cream, and also uses her exclusive jaw line massage. Maintain your V-shaped face!

First, carefully emulsify cream in palm of your hand and apply it evenly on your face. Gently massage into facial lines to help cream absorb. When finished, massage chin line from bottom to top. remember to move your neck forward to straighten your jawline.

After massaging left and right jaw lines, firm lower part of chin. During massage, do not forget to clench your jaws to tighten small meat of chin. Massage from top to bottom, and then massage rest of cream on your hands from left and right sides of jaw to ears. A simple and effective jaw line lift surgery is completed!

Li Ruotong creates firmer skin: 3 masking techniques

When it comes to caring for face masks, Li Ruotong also has her own experience: she believes that more expensive mask, better. In addition, when she has normal skin, she does not apply a cleansing mask to her entire face, but rather strengthens T-shaped area, which is prone to oiliness, and increases hydration of other parts. When applying a paper mask, there is often a lot of essence left in bag, do not forget to apply it on neck as well, so that you can care for face and neck at same time and there is no waste!!