Shoes tell character? Personality analysis by shoes worn by women's feet! Who are you?

In girls' fashion, "shoes" is also a noteworthy element. Whenever going out, many people choose their shoes according to fashion of their clothes. Therefore, a person's personality can be judged by what kind of shoes he chooses! So this time, let me introduce "How to analyze personality by type of shoes women wear!"

Analysis ①Women wearing colorful shoes.

Women who like to wear fashionable and bright boots are sociable and gentle. In fact, there is also a very slender and introverted side. To disguise themselves, most people intentionally dress lavishly to show off.

Analysis ②Women in ankle boots

Women who wear ankle boots are warm, open, and straightforward, and have many friends of same and opposite sex. He has high self-esteem, he does not get depressed for no reason and does not envy others, but on other hand he has a lack of insensitivity.

Analysis ③Women in boots

Women who like to wear boots are not very confident and often compare themselves to others. Boots can cover entire leg, which is an expression of desire to protect one's heart.

However, women who like boots usually do not know how to express their innermost thoughts and emotions, and therefore are subject to inexplicable pressure. Therefore, they usually have a strong desire to free themselves, especially when communicating with opposite sex, they tend to be more active.

Analysis ④Women in high heels

Women who love to wear high heels really want to express themselves and want to be appreciated! When women wear high heels, they put a heavy burden on body, and it is more difficult for them to walk. But even women who are heavy on their feet still like to wear high heels, hoping that others will pay more attention to themselves, and have a strong desire to attract other people's attention.

Women who love to wear high heels want to "show off their feminine charms!" which is very feminine. He is also very active on dates and usually dresses up to get attention of opposite sex. They always like to be center of attention, so they don't resist cute talk, but this straightforward nature makes many men find these girls very pretty.

Analysis ⑤Women in sandals

Women who like to wear sandals tend to pay less attention to small details and behave informally. They give impression of being frivolous and easily approaching others, so it is very easy to make friends with such women.

However, they don't like being interrupted by others, and they don't like to associate with men who like to hold others back. When falling in love, they do not like to be tired every day with their lover and prefer to maintain a mature relationship at a moderate distance from their lover.

Analysis ⑥ Women wearing colorful and luxurious shoes.

Some women like to wear pretty shoes with shiny embellishments, and most of them are perfectionists.

They usually do a good job due to their attention to detail. Because they have strong self-esteem and self-confidence, most of them will maintain an attitude of actively pursuing men they associate with. But such girls are also very fragile, and when their mental state is exhausted, they can easily count on gentle care of men.

Analysis ⑦Women in low heels

Women who love to wear low-heeled shoes are assertive, unaffected by their surroundings, and have an assertive side.

Shoes with low heels are very practical and can be used for fast walking in city, even on mountain roads. And you can also jog. Women who love to wear low-heeled shoes have idea of ​​keeping up with their boyfriend's walking speed in their hearts.

Analysis ⑧Women wearing sports shoes

Women who like to wear practical and functional shoes have an approachable nature, behave discreetly in everything and seem less adventurous. Women who love to wear sports shoes, love relaxation and comfort, and care little about eyes of opposite sex.

They pay more attention to their own feelings, enjoy freedom, have a broad outlook and have many friends of same sex. However, due to fact that she does not know how to show femininity, she has a negative attitude towards love.

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