It's not that Yue Lao forgets you, but that these 5 "love taboos" keep you from being alone for millennia.

I often see a lot of girls asking questions online. I feel like I'm clearly in good shape and I've had a few ambiguous partners. Why can't I always have an even relationship? It's actually not that Uncle Yue forgot about you, but that you were most likely too eager to get into a relationship and accidentally broke these 5 taboos that led to loneliness for ten thousand years! Those who want to get rid of Lou, hurry up and see what kind of behavior will end your relationship!

1. Play your best to go too far

While it is said that playing hard to get at times when you are ambiguous will make other side want you more, but if you accidentally go too far, message will always be delayed for a long time and people will always be rejected when you are invited on a date. You will think that you are not interested in him at all, and you do not need to spend more time developing feelings with you. Not only can you not win his heart, but also let one who initially had a good impression of you run away!

2. Intentionally show that I have a good relationship with opposite sex

Do you think if you show your ambiguous partner from time to time that you have a good relationship with opposite sex, it will make him jealous and love you even more? In fact, when a boy hears that an ambiguous girl has a good relationship with opposite sex, most of them have idea of ​​giving up. one of many partners, this is nothing special, so there is no need to spend more effort to pursue you.

3. Marking too tight

When some people express ambiguity, they always hope that other side will report it wherever they go. Until they get back on line for a while, they'll be constantly sending messages. center of your life is on an ambiguous object, which makes people feel that getting along with you is very stressful and cannot communicate with you in a natural way.

4. Too early to fall into maelstrom of love

The first time I dated a boy that I liked, I desperately told my sister, "It's him!", I don't want to start slowly as a friend and get along with each other with this mentality, we should be together Atmosphere things get really weird between people, and if other side has a little thing that doesn't go as well as you expected, there's bound to be a bigger bounce in mentality. Even if you do meet at end, it is very likely that relationship will fail if it cannot continue.

5. I only talk about my business

The editor knows that some people can't help but tell each other everything about themselves when they're ambiguous, but if you're talking about a chat between two of you, don't give him a word. to let go He speaks his mind and he doesn't want to spend any more time listening to it. Over time, interlocutor will feel that you do not seem to be interested in him. You just want to find a trash can. give free rein to your emotions and gradually reduce contact with you.

I hope you are not violating taboo of above 5 ambiguous periods. Indeed, in a huge crowd it is already very difficult to find someone who suits you. If you have a really good impression of someone, you might as well try to slow down and get to know them on sly so that relationship will last forever!