Lace outfit recommendation: 8 tops, skirts, dresses, vests are super pretty pieces that you must have this summer.

Lace elements can diversify girls' outfits. They can be charming and sexy, fresh and beautiful, charming or romantic and luxurious. Summer clothes are decorated with lace, which can be lighter and more summery, lace is also an indispensable outfit for girls to show elegance and nobility at a wedding or a festive banquet. The editor is here today to walk you through different types of lace and how to wear lace tops, skirts, dresses, and vests!

What are types of lace and dressing skills?

The elements of lace, which are often seen in design of wedding dresses, are now used in everyday wear. Dreamy and romantic lace pieces can easily create a soft visual sense and add femininity. At present, most common lace fabrics are divided into four types, and different laces have different textures. Now let's get acquainted with types of lace and skills of making each lace.

Water soluble lace

The water-soluble lace is thick and three-dimensional, similar to embroidery patterns, and patterns are mainly flowers and plants. The shape of water-soluble lace is more noble and generous, with a very good hand feeling, soft and smooth, shiny, slightly elastic, and many patterns.

French classic lace

French classic lace, also known as embroidery lace, consists of embroidering a lace shape on a layer of gauze mesh with threads such as cotton and polyester. The fabric is thin and delicate, soft and thin, wrinkle-free, foldable and elastic.

Cotton lace

Cotton lace is a type of lace made by embroidering a lace shape with cotton thread on a cotton lining and then cutting off a hollow portion of cotton fabric. The advantages of cotton lace are that it is not easily torn, can be ironed at high temperature, is pleasant to touch, has same elasticity as cotton, and is usually white in color.

Lace eyelashes

Eyelash lace is thinnest type of lace. This type of lace has thin edges, like thin eyelashes of girls. The looming "sense of perspective" is most often used to decorate veils and blouses, which can represent a clean and shy little bit of sexiness.

Lace outfits: tops, skirts, dresses and vests are recommended to show off your romantic and charming style┃lace tops and vests

O-Neck sleeveless top with lace mesh and flower embroidered cotton lace, hollow effect can increase refreshing breathability and visual lightness; neckline is adorned with gorgeous bright diamonds and pearls to decorate collar, adding a white single product Add romance.

Elegant long-sleeved chiffon top, lace embellished neckline and front chest, delicate layering, and elegant and cute white lace style, overall style captivates with noble atmosphere of European court, exuding charm of a confident demeanor.

Highlight charming charm┃lace skirt

The long skirt with elastic waist, polka dot mesh fabric and step shaped lace stripes can enhance vertical feel of skirt. The skirt flutters in wind when walking, and transparent tulle, translucent in light and shadow, makes it more graceful, creating an elegant and temperamental dress.

The outer layer is made of mesh, while inner layer is an eight-quarter length pleated gauze skirt with pleated lace. Elastic waist makes it more comfortable to wear. Delicate, pleasant, light and elegant pink lace is an indispensable attribute of a hot summer.

A versatile green long skirt with lace embroidery at hem and paired with an umbrella-shaped skirt that is full of drape and can change figure. It is not only very textured and luxurious, but also has a unique style and is full of romantic temperament.

Exuding nobility and elegance┃lace dresses

The pink lace long dress is decorated with exquisite lace patterns, tied with a black belt and combined with black ankle boots.

The dress is entirely made of lace, the details are not careless at all. The bust and hem are embellished with lace hollows. It exudes innocence.

Combining bright chiffon and elegant pleated lace, you can wear it with a fresh and elegant vibe and a style full of personality.

Lace has always been an indispensable element of girls' attire. In addition to imparting romantic, elegant and cute qualities, lace can also add beauty or appeal to an individual look. Don't forget to pay attention to what you like to wear: Huan Guo Guo fashion

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