Lots of knowledge in choosing a vest! One-Shoulder Vest Which trendy vest best suits your figure?

If you want to shine from head to toe and be a girl who knows how to dress, you need to work hard in right direction! You need to know that this is not same as "dressing well" and learning to fit your body shape is key to updating your outfit. Especially when it comes to vests, most girls are accustomed to cover their arms insecurely, but in fact, as long as they understand advantages and disadvantages of their figure, and then choose appropriate fashionable vest style, no matter whether they are slightly fat, flat chested or fat arms, they can also have a significant effect: slimming effect can even make body more slender!

1 / Corset vest: suitable for all body types

The most fashionable vest style this summer is vest! From period of European royalty, 2000s to this day, it is still one of vests that can best show off female figure after being passed down from generation to generation for a hundred years. t wear a vest. The obvious waist design and well-fitting tailoring make chest visually firmer. With designer straps such as gold chains and bows, proportions of upper body are better.

However, this suggestion, suitable for all body types, does not apply to "strapless vests"! Due to rise, one after another, many vests with non-standard design appear, among which for slender girls with protruding collarbones or for owners of a thin waist and large breasts, strapless vests can definitely become your most profitable weapon.

2 / One shoulder vest: slender girls with narrow shoulders and small arms

For girls with narrow shoulders, a one-shoulder vest can change shape of body better than other models. The single shoulder strap processing not only enhances design feel of vest itself, but also perfectly shows proud rectangular shoulder and collarbone, and strapless side exposes skin without any concealment, visually expanding shoulder line, simply blending and matching casual items can add a casual atmosphere, suitable for summer walks.

3 / Top with a scarf: thin girls with a flat body, medium and small breasts.

A top with a scarf makes relatively strict demands on figure. The open waist, strapless design and soft material make it not supportive enough, making it difficult for girls with large breasts to control it. It can be worn almost only by girls with a flat body. Beautiful. . Skinny girls can opt for styles that accentuate curves to show off their assets. For example, a tight top with a scarf can simply expose sexy shoulder blades, collarbones, and waistlines. A simple pairing with a pair of skinny jeans is a combination of charm and texture.

4/ Vest with shaved shoulders: slightly beefy girls with large breasts and inconspicuous collarbones

Vests with cut-out shoulders are quite suitable for slightly overweight girls. Shoulder design blurs line of shoulders, and can also modify shoulders to make shoulders narrow, improve collarbones, or not make arms slender. also can shade chest line and slightly show a bit of sexuality. Learn not to wrap your entire body to look slimmer, but to expose your skin properly to make overall look more fashionable.

5 / Thick straps: girls with wider shoulders or chest problems

A thick belt vest can not only change width of shoulders, but also choose a style with shoulder straps in a straight line with underarms, which can also cover side chest. It can be combined with a square neckline. to change neck line and a short model that exposes waist. It can be paired with high waisted trousers or a girly parasol skirt, which can lift waist line a little, making legs look longer.

Of course, now there are all kinds of models of vests. Even vests of same type have different designs. Don't limit your choices because of body shape, try to wear more styles that suit you!