"Men's Hairstyles 2021" ever-changing European, American, Japanese and Korean styling patterns, medium and long curly hair will become a trend

If you want to talk about trendy men's hairstyles of last time, medium and long hair should be on list. From Asian male gods Takeshi Kaneshiro and Takuya Kimura to Korean actor Lee Jong Suk and Hollywood's hottest actor Timothée Chalamet in recent years, male gods all over world are sporting long curly hair. Is medium and long curly hair difficult to control? Let's turn to following models from Europe, America, Japan and Korea to understand ever-changing allure of medium to long curly hair!

1 / Curly hair parted in the middle to create European and American Eboy style.

The Eboy style on Instagram, which has become popular in recent years, features a shock of medium-length curly hair. Tousled hair radiates a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. In addition, it is most fluffy and lazy among many medium length curly hair. Boys with fairly voluminous hair can try.

2 / Korean style with natural volume in the middle

It is also parted in middle curly hair, but difference between Korean style and Eboy style is curl and thickness: Korean style medium length curly hair is usually thinner and more flattering, and curl is also very natural, which makes people feel more mature, with simple and simple clothes, it has a literary atmosphere.

3 / Wet curly hair turned into a Japanese handsome man

Mid-length curly hair has always occupied a place among Japanese men. It is characterized by obvious texture, luster and a sense of moisture, which naturally enhances fashion sense of shape. Curly hair with slightly damp air like picture 3 is becoming more and more popular among Korean boys. Many fashionistas, such as Lee Sang Won, leader of Korean brand ESC STUDIO, and Key of male group SHINee perm!

4 / The hemispherical head creates a rough and loose feel.

Although two words "tidy hair" and "round head" are associated with word "cute", these two things actually look very masculine when worn on head of a boy with medium to long hair! Long hair is loosely tied up, leaving a small part in front to reshape face. Not only are they neat and tidy, but they can also create a feeling of being rude and naughty!

5 / Use headwear correctly to create ever-changing styles

Accessories for head are not only a salvation from bad hair, but also a good helper to improve integrity of form. Boys with medium length curly hair can wear a bandana, cap, cowboy hat and other styles to accentuate street style, while more masculine headwear such as a gentleman's hat and panama can create a more fashionable look with medium length curly hair. like a yuppie.

Besides hats, sports headbands go well with medium-length hair, which is quite popular among Korean boys! Headbands don't have to be paired with sportswear: Pairing them with plain white t-shirt jeans can also boost your figure's vitality and give you that anime-inspired youthful feel.